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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Chinese Documents Prove Japan Had Comfort Women

Because I can't write it any better, below is a link to a The Guardian web article from April 28, 2014 written by in Tokyo and in Beijing. 

It details reports of China's discovery of proof that Japan used Comfort Women during WWII and earlier.

Comfort Women were/are the civilian women taken forcibly by Japanese soldiers and used NOT as prostitutes, which might imply they received financial remuneration, but rather were forced sex slaves for the higher-ranking Japanese officers...   

I know it was war and the Japanese at that time had a superiority complex, but... damn it...

Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany (I call each that to differentiate each from the countries they are today in 2014) were rife with war-time atrocities.

For Japan to assume that China is picking on them is unfair. Japan DID pick on the Chinese and Koreans and damn near every single Asian country before and during WWII. Granted the timing of the documents smells a bit fishy considering the posturing of Japan and China over a group of islands each says is theirs, as the documents were first analyzed since 1982.

China claiming there aren't enough Japanese speakers to translate these documents is interesting, because even I am sure that after 32 years even I might have learned enough of the language. Maybe. But I'm not as driven as the Chinese government appears to be.

I urge you to read The Guardian article HERE.

I also urge you not to develop a new hate-on for one country or another after reading this (the Japanese). It was a long-time ago. People need to try and enjoy life the best they can.

But, having said that—sins of the father, and all—I do think Japan really does need to man-up and say the truth. The truth shall set you free! It worked for Germany.

Anyhow... any war with China now is an exercise in stupidity. Do the right thing, Mookie.

Andrew Joseph

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