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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Japanese WWII Aircraft Carrier BBQ

Fresh from speed racer fingers of my friend Emily, comes the lead for the ultimate Japanese Men's BBQ (barbeque) available for purchase.

From the nation that brought us all the hibachi comes the aircraft carrier BBQ! And it's not just ANY aircraft carrier, it's a Japanese World War II aircraft carrier called the WY-B120. Maybe.

Pissed off that your BBQ isn't long enough to cook that eel you caught with having to fold it up? (I hate folded up eel!) Be pissed off no longer.

The aircraft carrier grill is long enough to cook an eel, jumbo hog dogs, the long type of spaghetti and probably ribs, steaks and chops. Oh… and vegetables, though I don't see why anyone would want to BBQ those foul things.

I can't read Japanese, so I have no idea who makes this thing. Didn't Mistubishi Heavy Industries help manufacture the Japanese warships?

I can only hope the Japanese aircraft carrier BBQ actually comes with the five Mistubishi Zero fighter craft shown on its deck and the awesome waving Rising Sun flag that Japan used for the navy before and during WWII is there too. I believe the Japan Self-Defense Forces still use this killer flag. Uh, killer in the nice war way.

Is this for reals, dude? No idea! Who cares! It probably is a real product and if it isn't, someone is reading this and making one as you continue to read… you really are a slow reader!

Japan isn't exactly known for its sensitivities regarding WWII (see Unit 731 and the comfort women thing), so using a Japanese aircraft carrier as a BBQ?

Japan used to launch some of its kamikaze missions from an aircraft carrier. The only worse I could thing of might be the German's selling Easy Bake Ovens in Auschwitz. What? Too soon? Does anyone know if they do actually sell this Kenner (and now Hasbro) toy oven in Germany? Probably not, because I know the Germans are quite sensitive to their war-time past.

Perhaps the former Allies should be glad that this Japanese BBQ did not feature a British or American aircraft carrier that could only be started by dropping a Japanese Zero aircraft onto the deck of the ship. Still too soon? It's been a whole paragraph!

Anyhow… if you are thinking of purchasing one of these Japanese aircraft carrier BBQ's, might I suggest buying three or four? They tend to explode quite easily. Yes, I did go there.

Of course... is we take a close look at the advertisement (up above), there are a couple of manga (comic book) or anime (animated cartoon) characters there... perhaps this is something from that, and not a real WWII aircraft carrier that happens to look like an aircraft carrier.

Real or not? Yes, it is.

You know those animated figures make it real.

Somewhere waiting for my verdammt folded eel to cook.
Andrew Joseph
PS: a little research shows that the WY-B120 grill is a real product... but it's just a grill not shaped like an aircraft carrier. I can hear you all say 'awwwww'... but because it's a so-called Japanese ad, you just never were sure if it was real or not.
The real WT-B120 grill can be seen here at Amazon Japan.

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