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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Corpse sent by mail marked 'doll'

Talk about your dead letter office.

I have to admit the first thing I thought when I saw the original headline "Japan woman's body sent by mail marked 'doll'" (in the May 26, 2014 edition of the New Straits Times) was that "Holy crap! Is some official agency sending a body across Japan by mail?!"

Thankfully no, but unfortunately, it means that we now have a sadistic murder on the loose in Japan, and a major failing of the Japan Post delivery service.

So… here's what happened, in brief… a woman was murdered, stuffed in a box and mailed across the country in an large, human-sized container, and then moved to a storage lock-up facility, where it was eventually discovered.

I know… it makes you want to read even more, doesn't it?

Okada Rika, a 29-year-old female nurse, was found in a storage locker in Tokyo… and the only reason I can come up with it being discovered is that it must have started to smell…

Upon examination of the locker, and corpse discovery, police note that it was in a mailing container, and that it had been labeled (and accepted by Japan Post) as a 'doll'.

So… Japan Post did not think it odd that a 'doll' should weigh 100-lbs… or did it not care, implying that there is some sort of malaise affecting the workers of the great postal service?

Someone should have been suspicious of a 100-lb doll, and could have had it opened up.

Let's come up with a plan, Japan Post… and time you see a package that is human-sized, put it aside for further scrutiny.

Police investigators have determined that the two-meter (6-foot, six-inch) box that the body of Okada was packed in (did they use those styrofoam peanuts or air packs or BubbleWrap, or cheap out and use newspaper, thereby providing a clue about the where the corpse is being shipped from?), was being transported FROM the southern part of Tokyo.

Okay… that was known not because someone was using packing materials made up of local newspapers (I hope), but rather because the Japanese postal service is pretty damn anal retentive, and who doesn't like that?

The delivery service that ferried the package — marked with the Japanese word for ’doll’ — 400 kilometers (230 miles) from Osaka to Tokyo was apparently paid for by someone signing Okada's name (hanko stamp!). As well, the rental of the lock-up in Tokyo was paid for by Okada's own credit card.

So… either Okada was considerate enough to know she was dying and took care of the funeral arrangements - poorly - or someone else killed her and provided the final indignity by adding to her credit card bill.

Okada was more than likely murdered, as she had been missing since late March, and after an examination by forensics, they found over a dozen stab wounds on her body—though none on her arms or hands, implying she did not have them up in a defensive posture.

Something SuspiciousThere are UNOFFICIAL reports that an unnamed woman—who had once been at the same elementary school as Okada—had flown from Tokyo earlier this month using Okada's passport.

Apparently she sent her luggage ahead, and flew with carrion. (Sorry, poor jokes).

Anyhow, this unnamed woman actually lived in Tokyo… just a few hundred yards from the lock-up where the package containing the corpse was placed.

That's suspicious…

Something FishyNow… I'm not sure why this was part of the news I saw, but apparently this unnamed former schoolmate of Okada lives with another woman - heavens! - who is Chinese - heavens, she must be guilty!

That was sarcasm.

Okay, I can see that the article is inferring that perhaps this unnamed woman who might be guilty of the murder is a lesbian.

As well, if we were to further our creative guessing, one might assume that the murder was some twisted lesbian love-thing that went horribly awry.

Even though the newspaper did NOT state anything about a sex-murder, simply by reporting that the 'alleged suspect' lives with a woman - and a Chinese woman, at that - that perhaps you might infer that some lesbian sex is involved.

Ooooh… we can sell more papers if there was a sex scandal involving three women, one of whom could be a Chinese spy - that is, if we had any evidence to back up that, or even if anyone actually bought newspapers anymore.

(As a former newspaper journalist with the Toronto Star, I lament the near-death experience of the printed newspaper as I celebrate reading stories on-line.)

ShanghaiedOur suspect and hopeful lesbian lover/roommate left Japan, flying from Tokyo's Haneda airport, flying to Shanghai, China on the same airplane.

Oh... so that's why it was important to note that unnamed female suspect was living with a Chinese woman.

Really… although no one is saying anything about a sex murder, they hope some smart ass (me) will point that out.

And, lastly, because Facebook is often the death of many people's plans to keep secrets while blabbing about everything to no one who gives a crap, apparently just before Okada went missing in late March, she wrote on her Facebook page that she was going to visit an old friend she had not seen in a decade.

The interesting thing about that, is that we can also surmise that Okada and the unnamed woman had previously met when they were around 19-years-old, which unless I am sorely mistaken is rather long in the tooth to still be in Japanese elementary school.

Strangely conspicuous by its absence, is the fact that the newspaper articles did NOT mention Okada's relationship status - like why is the 29-year-old Japanese woman not married?

Because she hasn't found the right guy… or… she prefers the company of women (who doesn't?)

Anyhow, this is a true story unfolding in Japan right now. It's a simple little murder case about a body stuffed in a locker after being mailed across the country. There are NO official allusions as to any sex crime, but when the facts do eventually come out, let's see if my reading between the newspaper lines is correct.

On second thought, there are no words written between the words.

Despite me seemingly making light of this horrific murder case, it's more of me taking a shot at how the media can tell you things without telling you anything…

Me? I ain't saying nothing.

Andrew Joseph
PS: I don't have anything against Facebook. I think if used correctly, it is a great way of staying in touch with Family & Friends. I don't not see the need to have hundreds and thousands of people you do not know as Facebook followers having the capacity to read your personal stuff. 'nuff said.

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