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Monday, May 12, 2014


Here's something I wrote to my friend Vince back on March 5.

He had just told me about the term ESID, relative to foreigners living and working in Japan.

It stands for: Every Situation Is Different.

I had never heard that term before, but apparently it is THE friggin' term to spew over at the JET Forum.

Of course Japan is ESID... why the hell would anyone assume otherwise.

Anyhow, because I like to write off the top of my head to provide a more raw and emotional feel, here's what I told Vince:

I was an early JET... More of a prop, really, so aside from JET and AET we didn’t have any initials to worry about on the then non-existent Interweb thingy we have today.

We weren’t even told that everyone’s situation was different.

I realized it was after visiting (my girlfriend) Ashley’s place. (Fellow AET living in my city) Matthew’s was as nice and western as my place – just a bit smaller.

No one could believe I had such a westernized place until I threw a party...

ESID... I don’t know why people would assume otherwise...

Not only was every Board of Education different, but the JET was too!

Matthew and I were lucky that we had bosses who were smart and funny and caring. We... we weren’t afraid to ask for help. We weren’t afraid to have a good time... But luckily, we were happy drunks.

We were lucky enough to have kids who thought we were nice... And mostly vice versa.

We were lucky enough that our city was small enough to get a rural and urban experience...

I was lucky to have Matthew around.

I was lucky to have the Ohtawara Friendship Association around.

It goes on and on...


So yeah...I'll reiterate it again, ESID. D'uh.

You can read this blog and it will give you a clue about Japan's people, customs and society. It also offers some insight about Japan via my interactions with people.

But... depending on YOU and who you interact with and how you interact (period), your life in Japan will be one you can write about.

Just don't try and describe it to your friends. I spent the first few months after I returned home to Toronto telling everyone how great things were and all about the stupid adventures I had... and they... they politely let me tell my stories and hoped I would soon be too drunk or too busy with a stripper stuffed in my face to continue.

Yeah... I bored the crap out of them.

Hell... it's been 24 years since I went to Japan on the JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Programme... and my wife could care two cents about it and wonders why I spend so much time (a couple of hours a day) writing about it in this blog that doesn't make me any money, as I don't sell ads out of principal. The principal being that when one starts looking to monetize, it becomes a job rather than something one enjoys doing.

This blog is my escape.

Japan... it's your escape, too. Have fun. But just remember it's your fun.

Andrew Joseph


  1. Just keep doing what you love and money will come to you.

    1. If there was money in masturbation, I'd be making money hand over fist.
      I'm not worried about money. I like to complain about it, though.