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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fred Kida - Golden Age Comic Book Artist

Here's an article published at on April 16, 2014, written by Art Lortie. I don't know Art, but he did an awesome job on the following obituary of one of the last golden-age comic book artists, a Japanese-American gentleman by the name of Fred Kida (1920-2014).

While Kida cut his chops doing background inking work on Will Eisner's often copied but never duplicated The Spirit comic that was more art than graphic. Kida worked on The Spirit while Eisner was away serving in WWII.
Fred Kida

Kida also, inexplicably did some "work" for Stan Lee.

While Stan "The Man" Lee is considered the father of Marvel Comics, he also had a hand in its predecessor, Timely Comics which first introduced such iconic heroes at Captain America, The Human Torch, The Sub-Mariner and The Fighting Hobo.

Did I say The Fighting Hobo?  Yup… and Kida did the art on that book. It kind of makes one want to shell out any amount of money just to read what the fugue that comic book is about, doesn't it?

Anyhow, not every comic book back in the Golden Age was great or even readable—though I have no idea if that is the case with The Fighting Hobo, though I must admit I have never heard of this one before.

This image above does not show Kida's work... I just wanted to show the Stan Lee-created character - that's The Fighting Hobo on the soapbox. 
As well, the artist, in this case Kida, was just looking for work to earn some extra cash. Hell. I would have come up with a story on The Fighting Hobo's side-kick Mary Jane, a drug-smoking half-wit who's 'intoxicated' fighting style confuses everyone except her.

Yeah… I just made up Mary Jane.

Kida did do some excellent work for Hillman Comics, on the classic character Airboy (and his breath-sucking goodgirl/badgirl Valkyrie partner). See image at the very top!  

He also worked for five years doing work on Crime Does Not Pay.

This is my copy below.

Anyhow, please… let's read and celebrate the life of Fred Kida.

Here's a link to the article HERE

Andrew Joseph

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