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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Star Wars: Samurai In Space

When I watched Star Wars - hell... I read the book before the movie came out in 1977 - I always assumed this was the classic Knights and princess story… you know… where a nothing, little farm boy dreams of going up against the evil Duke of Earl to rescue the Princess and become a Knight of the Round-ish table…

Which it is…

But according to the CineFix, I just got a fantastic lesson in how Star Wars was inspired by samurai films, as well as a decent history of movies and American influence in Japan, as well as how Japanese movie director legend Kurosawa Akira (surname first) and famed American director George Lucas (surname last) became influenced and why they created the movies they created.

The video is eight-minutes long and is well worth every single stinking second of it,

It's brilliant.

Andrew Joseph

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