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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Japan To Ban Sales Of Incest Comics To Minors

Now… the first thing that came out of my mouth after I saw this story was WTF?

Now, I wasn't upset about the fact that freedom of expression was being trampled upon, rather I was wondering why the hell

1) anyone is creating incest comics;

2) who is selling incest comics to minors;

3) are minors actually purchasing said incest comic books?

Regarding #3… really, what would their parents says if they found out.

Okay, that was a joke… but then, so too is the fact that it's only the year 2014, and only know is Japan going to legally stop the sale of incest comic books to minors.

For those of you unsure, incest is the sexual relations between family members. Sometimes forced, sometimes conceptual, sometimes amongst those of legal sexual age, and sometimes not everyone involved is an adult.

Now… I'm not an expert in all things Japanese, but I'm probably one of the best you've got.

Anyhow, I know that Japanese pornography has quite a heavy dose of incest movies, but I admit to not knowing anything about these comic books.

Now, perhaps I should make a clarifying statement.

I don't actually know if Japan has a LOT of incest porno movies. What is a lot, anyway? One? One thousand?

A quick perusal of the tags in any porno video site will show that there is a film type for any predilection that tickles your fancy at any given moment.

Like seeing 60-year-olds go at? Plenty of that. How about those 60-year-olds as lesbians? Plenty of that. How about the 60-year-olds involved in a gang-bang with 30-year-old bi-sexual swingers in glory-hole action with plenty of bukkake.

You can look up that stuff at your own leisure - though, perhaps you should do so when you aren't at work or in a public place.

Anyhow… there's a lot of porn. And a lot of different varieties of said porn. Incest comic books? Sure.

I've seen pornographic comic books for ages.

There were those so-called miniature Tijuana Bibles with known comic book or cartoon characters engaged in all sorts of sexual activities… which I believe was from the 1960s or so… probably earlier.

Who's strong to the finish (cause he eats his 'spinach')? Yeah, Popeye is.

There was also a lot of underground comix in the 1960s and 1970s with questionable actions going on, as well as in the 1980s where all out sex between elves was the norm… as long as you were an adult.

There were plenty of sex-dominated comic books available in North America and elsewhere, but the key factor is that you had to be an adult to purchase them.

Just as the music industry posted content advisories on the CDs et al, so too did the North American comic book industry. DC Comic's Vertigo line was for the books seemed to violent or with language or content issues.

Heck, Disney created the Touchstone division of films so that it could present movies that were rated beyond G for General Audience.

But Japan… it has it's own strict laws, but seemingly takes forever to put them in place.

Now… it's not like Japan couldn't have got this situation correct when trouble was brewing years ago… they could have, but chose instead to go half-way… a sister-kisser if you will.

Hmmm, in the usual context, a sister-kisser is an unpleasant experience, but in this story…


On May 14, it was announced that Japan will ban the sale to those under the age of 18 any comic book (manga) that has any sort of incestuous relationship.

This was brought about because of a manga called “Little Sisters Paradise! 2”, that came out in April, that is a 'spin-off' of an adult computer video game of the same title.

The manga, which has the tag line: "More naughty days of a brother and five sisters" will now be classified as an “unhealthy publication” that must be kept out of children’s reach.

Good… but it makes one wonder why it wasn't kept out of children's reach before this.

Stores can still sell the manga, of course, but now one will have to move away from the manga section in book stores and go to the sticky-floor adult section.

Now… it was three years ago, that Japan began to enforce an ordinance stopping children buying publications that “significantly stimulate sexual feeling”, but “Little Sisters Paradise! 2” is the first publication to fall foul of the 2011 amendment that expanded the rules to cover pictures or text that “glorifies” incest.

Which means that there were other comics that 'significantly stimulated sexual feeling', but weren't necessarily about incest.

No sh!t. Sailor Moon comics and videos are probably guilty as well, but how does one measure "significantly stimulated sexual feeling'?

I got a boner! This comic is bad… but it's good. I'm confused. I need a tissue.

Look… back when I was a young teenager, I first came across (so to speak) Black Canary and Zatanna - two super-heroes from DC's comic universe. They never acted sexual, but dammit, to this day, thanks to their manner of dress, I really, really like black fishnet stockings with medium openings.

So… did those characters in say Green Lantern/Green Arrow or Adventure Comics cause any sexual feelings to be significantly stimulated in me?

No.  But again, one has to define 'significantly' and 'stimulated'.  I liked what I saw, but it was just a drawing, so no big whoop. Yet, it may have played a role in determining future likes and dislikes. But these likes et al weren't anything bad. I mean… I really like black fishnets, but I don't need to wear them… and, I have no idea in unwrapping them and throwing them into a corner of the room or using them as some sort of restraint…

Where did that come from? Oh yeah… Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth.
So… wither Japan?

Well, did you know that if you (in Japan) can possess kiddie porn or any type and it is not illegal. But… if you are the one creating and or distributing it, then that is illegal… but even that was done recently.

I recall a time back in 1993 when a junior high school student asked me if I like the Japanese comic book 'Rape Man'.

WTF?!  When it was explained to me exactly what he was talking about, I went into a rant against that book and books like it and how… well… you know… it's just a stupid concept, and trivializing rape is even more stupid.

The kid obviously didn't know much about the mental and physical anguish of the victim of rape - and I admit I don't either - at least not first hand.

The women I do know who have been raped or sexually assaulted really dislike talking about these events, and were so traumatized by the events that they did not even report the crime… which I found shocking because that means that someone else could become a victim… but… I also understood that to come forward was not an easy thing to do.

Perhaps it's a pity none knew me back when such things happened… or maybe it's a good thing because I'd probably only just now be getting out of prison for murder.

Kadokawa, the Japanese publisher of “Little Sisters Paradise! 2”, declined to comment.

However, you can be sure that they and other like-minded manga artists, free-speech advocates and publishers agree that this restricting of sexually-explicit comic book art smacks of "freedom of expression" and criticize that the law allows the government to decide what is acceptable 'art'.

Well, yeah… that's kind of what governments do… they plumb the morals of society and determine what is morally and socially acceptable.

Apparently critics are concerned about censorship in Japan because in the years before WWII, Japan started to heavily censor things and many dissenters look at the stupidly BIG picture and assume that by censoring pornography the way they are, that it will lead to the way things were in Imperialist Japan where the government controlled the press.

Really? How weak...

Now… because these things still exist in Japan, and there seems to be enough push against them, you should know that the move to tighten rules on sales of explicit material to children was partially due to criticism from foreign campaign groups.

Of course… did the Japanese care? Probably, but it's only those who complain about something that are the one's heard.

I'm betting 99% of the Japanese hadn't even heard of these laws because it's something that they didn't even have to consider in their daily life… but perhaps they need to.

Perhaps someone has to look at the stupidity of laws or no-laws and make them public via social media. It might be the only way to get the message out to people.

Andrew Joseph

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