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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Yakuza Theme Song For Realsies

So... despite my efforts to assert that the Yakuza story about them having their own theme song was an April Fool's Day joke perpetrated by Jake Adelstein, he indeed informs me that it was a true story... and as such, my efforts to mock such an accomplishment by the Yakuza, will probably involve some sort of pay-back, which is a bitch.

My story on that, including my made up lyrics and music from Ultraman Seven, can be found HERE. Oh yes, it also has a link to Jake's article and the real Yakuza song.

Who knew that the Yakuza were such traditionalists? That song is... dull, done in the traditional (IE old-fashioned) Japanese folks song style. It's so boring, that after one listen it could put you into a coma.

And yet... that is what they chose.

Please feel to send flowers my way as soon as I wake up from whatever violence-induced coma I may be placed into.

I still think that my choice of music and lyrics are more representative, but apparently I don't know nuthin'.

Somewhere where they'll never find me,
Andrew "double negative" Joseph

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