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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Cool Superman Ukiyo-e

The nice thing about searching for stuff on the Internet is that one often finds things they weren't even looking for.

Take, for example, the piece of Superman artwork above, done in the style of a Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock print.

Contained within the vertical orange block are four Japanese katakana alphabets correctly spelling out Su-pa-man.

We don't know just why Superman - the last son of Krypton - is swinging that traffic signal, but what is lovely is the brilliant red sun behind him... which we can look at in two ways.

Number one, it is representative of Japan's rising sun and thus the whole backdrop is indeed the flag of Japan, or Number 2, it is representative of Krypton's red sun, which Superman's doomed planet revolved around until it exploded... with the infant Kal-El (Superman's Kryptonian name) rocketing from that planet to Earth moments before its destruction.

That red sun inhibits Kryptonian powers, but under a Yellow sun, all Kryptonians gain super strength, et al.

So... as much as I might like to believe in the double entendre of the Kryptonian sun and the Japanese flag, the fact that Superman is flying and has super strength to swing the traffic light implies that it must be representative of Japan only.

This wonderful piece of art was created by Yulian-Ardhi, a dude from Jakarta, Indonesia, and was found by myself at the Deviant Art website HERE.

I quite like his art. I wonder if he can draw sequentially in the comic book form, however, and if he can, can he do penciling and inking quickly?

Aside from the content of this, it was also nice to not have to drive myself crazy having to look anything else up, as I am too huge a comic book and Japan nerd to screw up the information contained within my head. 

Anyhow, this is not a real ukiyo-e, but rather is art done in the style of a Japanese ukiyo-e print.

Andrew Joseph

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