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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Japan In The Simpsons - 2

Here's a nice  bit of social commentary from Lisa Simpson of The Simpsons, whose actions speak louder than words.

In this episode, the horse-eating young 'friend' of Lisa was paid by her folks to be Lisa's gal pal - but at the end of it all, in an effort to be true-blue friends, she shares a tasty secret with Lisa - horse meat.

She is, of course talking about basashi - raw horse meat - which is considered to be a delicacy in Japan.

I have eaten basashi, and while I couldn't quite see the marks where the jockey was hitting it, I was not impressed with this so-called delicacy.

Perhaps it's because I have a gaijin (foreigner) tongue and palette (most gaijin get accused of this by snobby Japanese folk), but if someone was to ask me if I enjoyed eating horse, I would have to say neigh. I mean, nay.

It had a flavor which I did not find all that special... and this is coming from a guy who can stomach natto (rotting fermented soy beans) with ease and will order it at Japanese restaurants here in Toronto just to watch the surprised look on the waitress, who is always shocked that I am ignoring her advice that it's not something non-Japanese people enjoy. I enjoy it.

I also will eat and enjoy inago - which is grasshopper, but cooked in a candied stew... mmmm... bouncy.

But basashi? It's almost enough to turn me vegetarian.

I said 'almost'.

Andrew Joseph    

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