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Monday, July 21, 2014

Three-Month High For Japan Airspace Intrusion

Up we go, in to the wide blue yonder - especially of you are Japan between the months of April-June of 2014, when Japan's Defense Ministry says it had to scramble fighter jets 340 times because of feared incursions by foreign jets into Japanese airspace.

Yup... China to the south west and Russia to the north kept Japan very busy over that three-month period, as the feared incursions set an all-time record for Japan, passing the old record of 255 set between October through December of 2013.

 Japan's Air Self-Defense Force flew up 235 times against Russian planes between April and June, which is eight times more than in the same period last year.

China made the Air Self-Defense Force only scramble a total of 104 times in the same period, but it's still 35 times more than in the same period back in 2013.

Geez... you'd think that somebody wants to start a war over some stupid islands or something.

These numbers have been released to the public since 2005.

Here's the thing... if you add up the totals for China and Russia, we get 339... so who was the other country that sent up a lone plane near Japan's sky border?

The Defense Ministry, for some reason, didn't reveal who that other country was. Hmmmm. 

Now... you may also note that I said 'feared' incursions. According to the Defense Ministry, not one gaijin plane actually crossed over into Japan airspace.

In fiscal 2013, Japanese fighter jets were scrambled 810 times.

Here's what happened in 2012: HERE.

Andrew Joseph

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