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Friday, July 18, 2014

Vagina Selfie Gets Japanese Artist In A Deep Hole

I'm not making this stuff up.

According to The Guardian, one of the cooler newspapers I frequent, Japanese police arrested a Japanese female artist who for distributing data that enables recipients to make 3D prints of her vagina.

I haven't seen her vagina, but 3D printers are quite accurate…

That article in The Guardian, by the way, also noted that in June, 20 German firefighters spent some time trying to remove an American student who had become trapped in a large sculpture of a vagina. The firefighters certainly gave him some lip-service for their trouble.
The student waits to be rescued. Photograph: Erick Guzman/Imgur
You silly bunt!
The artist (not of the sculpture, but rather of everything else in this blog) is Igarashi Megumi (surname first), 42, but goes under the working name of "Rokudenashiko", which is Japanese for 'good-for-nothing girl'. That's her in the photos at the very top.

She was arrested after she had e-mailed her naughty bits of data to 30 people who had answered a crowd-funding request to help her construct a kayak inspired on her own genitalia, which she calls a  “pussy boat”.

Again... look at the photo(s) at the very top. You'll notice that her position in the kayak makes her look like a Dolores... or something that rhymes with it.   

Apparently, Igarashi has broken some Japanese obscenity laws.

Igarashi, despite being caught with her hand in the cookie jar, denied the allegations, saying she did not send out the images of her hoochie asking for money. She also says that she didn't think the scanned 3D data was obscene. It's her vagina - hopefully it's not obscene. 

Police sources, however, say that she collected about ¥1-million ($10,000) in exchange for the data from the crowd-funding project.

Despite it being apparent that her artwork is tongue-in-cheek funny - see the kayak above? It's the little man in the canoe!!! If you get that reference, congratulations, I'm glad you came.

If convicted, Igarashi could get two years in prison—showing off her personal artwork to some bull dyke—or a fine of ¥2.5-million (~US $25,000).

Wow… it sure sounds like the police are snatching at straws here. Like my clever word play. I am a cunning linguist, after all.

Wow - it looks good enough to eat!
Japan is so fudged up sometimes.

Here's a country where 90% of its porn has Japanese women dressed up as a high school girl because that's what the men like!

As well, Comic books featuring incest were, until a month ago, a large industry in Japan.

And... soon enough, Japan is to ban possession of child sexual abuse imagery after years of delay – but is expected to disappoint campaigners by allowing manga (comic books) and anime (cartoon films) to continue carrying pornographic depictions of children. Japan currently bans only the production and distribution of such material but not its possession.

Besides... Igarashi's work is art, and it's not showing any exploitation at all. WTF is the problem? Are the police upset because they didn't get a piece of the pie?

I bet it's because she's a woman. Yup… there's always the Man trying to keep a woman's vagina art down.

If you visit her website - and why wouldn't you - you'll note that she uses the English term: Decoman…. a made-up word she says means "decorated manko". Manko is the Japanese slang word for a vagina, and was the first naughty word I learned in Japan and was taught to me by a female Japanese teacher I slept with.

I suppose 'manko' and its English equivalent, as defined, are considered impolite terms… and certainly should not be uttered in polite company. That's a social norm, regardless of the country.

Igarashi says on her on-line blog (HERE), that since no one talks about vaginas (in Japan)(not to mention blurs them out in what might otherwise be good Japanese pornography), that "I did not know what a pussy should look like.

“I thought it was just funny to decorate my [moulded] pussy and make it a diorama, but I was very surprised to see how people get upset to see my works or even to hear me say manko.”

Again… it depends where one is saying the word. It's slang, so I think she's showing a bit of ignorance for societal decorum, but I do believe her art is art and not obscene… or else I wouldn't show it here. Regardless of my tasteless jokes. No... I taste something...

Decoman “Decorated Vagina” series of sculptures. See Why am I horny?
One of the works, described as a “vaginal battle scene”, shows a group of toy soldiers taking cover in an unmistakeably pudic crevice; another diorama titled Fukushiman – a “taboo on top of taboo” – shows workers at the wrecked Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant in similar surroundings - which is really fugged up.

Anyhow… Igarashi… you are 42 years old… there's this new invention called The Internet, you may have heard of it, perhaps not… but if you Google manko, a whole new world will open up to you, and you can see what a real, live vagina looks like. I believe this Internet twaddle has been around since the very early 1990s… so… you could have found out what a vagina looked like without having to make moulds of them as your excuse to make art.

I've heard some people utilize these new inventions called 'mirrors' to look upon themselves.Even to see their own vagina. But 'shhhhhhh' - that might just be something I heard on the streets or in some dark backdoor.

Igarashi... you could even make friends with a woman to see one up close and personal - I've done that often, though not lately…

Anyhow, just in case Igarashi, you good-for-nothing-girl, as a guy, I can tell you that they all look the same, but are uniquely different.

Thanks for the 'heads-up' to the Golden Child.

Andrew Joseph

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