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Thursday, July 31, 2014

When Sumo Wrestlers Fly

Do you guys know that movie "Snakes On A Plane"? It was pretty intense, but it's got nothing on the following story - Sumo Wrestlers On A Plane or, When Sumo Wrestlers Fly.  

Many of you are aware that aside from women, sports and comic books, I also like things about Japan, aviation and sumo wrestling - because it's a sport.

Anyhow, check out this wonderful photograph of 29 sumo wrestlers squeezed into an airplane.

There ain't no one pushing a food cart down that center aisle - not that any stewardess would have dared try.

My only question is whether not this contravenes any sort of aviation safety laws?

As well, I know I got dinged by many an airline because my carry-on was too heavy, and had to pay a few extra bucks... you can tell me that 29 sumo wrestlers weighing over 300-lbs (136-kilograms) apiece - that that does not constitute extra baggage?!

Did the pilots calculate the weight to fuel ratio properly to ensure they had enough... or could get up enough speed to lift off? 

To find out, visit Rocket News HERE to read the story.

Andrew Joseph

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