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Monday, August 18, 2014

Basketball Player Dunks On Three Samurai & A Sumo Wrestler

This is an old story - from the 2013 off-season, when former 2008 #1 pick by the Chicago Bulls of the NBA (National Basketball Association) - and still playing for Chicago - Derrick Rose was traveling across Asia hawking shoes for Adidas.

As part of that DRose Tour in Asia promotional tour last September 7, Rose landed in Sendai, Japan... looking to show off his mad skills with a little one-on-one.

While he also took on Japanese pro basketball player Ishida Takaki (surname first), one guy wasn't enough, so he played against three men... as in three samurai - complete with katana swords.

Obviously samurai in armor are not going to be very quick, and they were further penalized by not being able to draw their swords to cut DRose to the stem, but it was mildly amusing.

But perhaps even more astounding was the hype the Japanese and English announcer had for DRose's final victim... a former basketball player from Hawaii, who now goes by the name of Yokozuna Akebono - yes... one of the greatest sumo wrestlers of our generation... and the first-ever foreigner grand sumo champion yokozuna.

Let's see how the big guy does:

Wow... he just blew by him on the outside while rather than defending, the Yokozuna's old habits resurfaced as he attempted to push DRose off to the side with a patented one-two push with his cement-like hands...

... and then he caught himself and let the ballplayer go. That was lucky for DRose.

Afterwards, a very sweaty Akebono toweled off after his 17 seconds of work, which was about 10 seconds longer than his longest sumo match... and a hell of a long time for the retired great o-sumo-san.

And... even though Derrick Rose is with the enemy Chicago Bulls, he can play on my Toronto Raptors any day.

And Akebono - I remember watching him become the first foreigner (gaijin) Yokozuna back in January of 1993 - watching him on television and loving every minute of being a fellow gaijin in Japan.

He made me so proud.

Foreign-born Musashimaru made me prouder as I said when I first saw him that one day HE would also be a yokozuna - and he was and I was right. The gaijin no sensei was right! Good buddy Matthew was the one to tell me THAT good news.

Andrew Joseph

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