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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Full Contact With Miss Universe Japan 2014

Okay, it beats me what the hell I was doing back on March 18 of 2014 when Japan's new Miss Universe was crowned, but I missed it, pure and simple.

The first thing you need to know about Miss Universe Japan 2014, is that there is no Fight Club.

2014 Miss Universe Japan is Tsuji Keiko (surname first) (辻 恵子).

Crowned at the Chinzanso Hotel in Tokyo, Tsuji is a stunning beauty born in Okinawa-ken, on October 9, 1994, making her just 19-years-old.

She's a picturesque 1.70 meters (5'-7") tall in nekkid feet, has long jet black hair, brown eyes, a slender, sleek body with measurements of: Bust - 84cm; Waist - 59cm; Hips - 95cm (33"-23"-37-1/2" inches).

That's pretty slinky. Or hippy.

Should it matter, Tsuji has Type A blood.

Tsuji goes to the University of Nagasaki International University, studying nutrition management, though in my opinion she's a tad too skinny and should eat a cheeseburger or two. I like a woman who can eat a hamburger and not throw it up later.

Now, should you think she's a shy little deer caught in the headlights, just know that she did 10 years of karate, finally stopping in the first year of university, when she started to have problems with her academic school work.

The sensei of the university karate club was the one who actually suggested that if she was going to stop the karate, maybe she should try out to be Miss Universe Japan.

Man, that sounds like a come-on to me.

While she didn't know much about Miss Universe, Tsuji decided to give it a try.   

Anyhow, because of her previous karate training, she had a body that had pretty dense muscle, and needed to retrain herself to narrow herself down.

To do that, she used her knowledge of nutrition and dieted by taking less carbohydrates and intake of lots of proteins. Insert your own joke here.

She was selected to be the Nagasaki representative, held in a three-day tourney in November of 2013 before taking part in the National Japan tourney on March 18, 2014 with 42 other finalists… interesting because there are 47 prefectures in Japan…

That's all I've been able to find out on young Tsuji-chan at the time.

So... the photos I've seen of Tsuji-chan are pretty limited. Do you think she has what it takes to get through the first round at least? Or maybe even win it all?

Personally, I don't think so. She's certainly pretty and attractive and would never deign to look at me if I was on fire two-meters away, but maybe it's just me... I don't think she is beautiful - enough.

It think it's a maturity thing. I simply don't think she has fully grown into her body yet. Then again... she looks pretty foxy in the bikini photo, but I don't know if she's got a hard-enough body, or a face that actually stands out amongst the competition.

I could be wrong. I'm a lot older now than I was a few seconds ago, so maybe the mind is going. I simply think she lacks some of the panache previous Miss Universe Japan's had... I'm just saying is all...

Tell me what you like about her and why. Tell me what you don't like about her and why.

Regardless of my point of view, I wish her best of luck at the 2014 Miss Universe pageant held at the Centro de Eventos do Ceara in Fortaleza City, Brazil... in who the hell knows...sometime in the next four months, and yet no actual pageant date has been released. That's pretty sad, and seems indicative of the whole Miss Universe organization - hell, even their own website fails to list the location of the 2014 pageant.

And let me tell you, I had to search high and low to get a straight answer other than "Brazil".

Andrew Joseph

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