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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Japanese Man Fathers 16 Babies - Wants 100s More

For those of you who want children and are having a tough go of it for whatever reason, you may want to skip this story, as I fear it may disgust you.

Look… at some point in time in one's life, an adult and consenting partner come to the conclusion that they would like to have a family involving the pitter-patter of little feet.

Some people, like myself, get a dog first to ensure that if the dog survives, there is less of a chance of screwing things up with a real baby.

And then there's Japan's Shigeta Mitsutoki (surname first) a 24-year-old business man who apparently knows he wants a large family - a battalion of kids even - but not the "annoying" prospect of a wife/mother. That's him in the image above.

He apparently has 16 children, and wants hundreds more.

First - while I am sure there are many Japanese men who are better fathers than me, and I do my best, but Japanese men in recent (and past) tradition are generally known for merely bringing home the bacon - for working and working and working… and generally never having the time or the wherewithal to actually do much fathering except on Sunday - when folks in Japan typically don't go into their salaryman workplace.

Second - Shigeta is 24-years-old. Now, I might not have even slept with a woman by that age, not through lack of trying, mind you, but I did have it in mind that someday I would hope to find the right woman and have a kid or two.

I'm not sure why I thought that was important, but I do know that deep inside my mind I wanted my genetic lineage to continue… it's an innate trait amongst creatures on this planet to ensure survival, and perhaps, in humans, even memory… to ensure that this life must be worth something.

That's also why I write. I"m just covering the angles.

Third - Shigeta has fathered 16 surrogate babies.

Fourth - He says he wants hundreds of babies.

This is either an immature, but rich young man, or someone with delusions of grandeur but still very rich, or someone with a whole lot of mental illness.

There's nothing wrong with wanting a large family… though I think we can all agree that 'hundreds of babies' is just plain nuts… but apparently Shigeta has stated that he has the means to look after them… not that he wants a family… he just wants or needs kids.

"We are looking into two motives. One is human trafficking and the other is exploitation of children," says Thailand police Lt. Gen. Kokiat Wongvorachart, who is Thailand’s lead investigator in the case.

He said Shigeta made 41 trips to Thailand since 2010. On many occasions he traveled to nearby Cambodia, where he brought four of his babies.

Thailand Interpol director Maj. Gen. Apichart Suribunya says said regional Interpol offices in Japan, Cambodia, Hong Kong and India have been asked to probe Shigeta’s background, beginning last week. Police say he appears to have registered businesses or apartments in those countries and has frequently traveled there.

Earlier this August 2014, police raided a Bangkok, Thailand condominium earlier this month and found nine babies and nine nannies living in a few unfurnished rooms filled with baby bottles, bouncy chairs, play pens and diapers. They have since identified Mitsutoki Shigeta as the father of those babies — and seven others.

I think that's 16 babies.

Now called the "Baby Factory" case, it is important to note that Shigeta has not been charged with any crime - which is odd, but not odd.

Shigata has already proven that he is the father of the children through DNA samples sent from Japan, that he is indeed the father of the children… and now, after that Bangkok raid, he is trying to get his children back. The kids are now with Thai social services.

Shigeta WAS in Thailand, but after the August 5, 2014 raid, he left the country and responded to inquiries via a lawyer.

According to Kokiat Wongvorachart, Shigeta had hired 11 Thai surrogate mothers to carry his children…. including four sets of twins.

That would imply he either hasn't had sex with these women OR that he has and these women are incredibly potent.

Let's go with the former.

Apparently a multinational fertility clinic called New Life in Thailand (and six other countries) had supplied Shigeta with two surrogate mothers for his baby needs, but that the founder, Mariam Kukunashvili actually warned Interpol about Shigeta before the first baby was born in June of 2013.

Kukunashvili is based in the company's headquarters in Georgia… and had never met Shigeta but had heard about him from staff in Thailand.

She says that as soon as the two surrogate mothers became pregnant, he told her he wanted more.

Kukunashvili said Shigeta claimed he wanted 10 to 15 babies a year, and that he wanted to continue the baby-making process until death claims him.

She says he also asked her about getting a hold of some equipment that would allow him to freeze his sperm in case he was no longer able to do so when older.

Kukunashvili adds that when Shigeta was asked why he wanted so many kids, she learned that he 'wanted to win elections and could use his big family for voting. Shigeta also added that 'the best thing I can do for the world is to leave many children.'

When Kukunashvili expressed concerns to Shigeta via an e-mail, about the possibly suspicions greed back on August 31, 2013, Shigeta, via an attorney, Ratpratan Tulatorn, says that he was involved in "no dishonesty, no illegal activities."

Tulatorn the lawyer failed to add that Shigeta's money looks pretty real, though he must be kicking himself as he has apparently been replaced with another lawyer.

There are, however, very visible reasons to suggest that Shigeta is telling the truth about his reasons for a large family.

"These are legal babies, they all have birth certificates,” Ratpratan told Thailand’s Channel 3 television station when he appeared on site during the August . “There are assets purchased under these babies’ names. There are savings accounts for these babies, and investments. If he were to sell these babies, why would he give them these benefits?”

Why indeed?

Tax write-offs, to be sure… but at some point in time it must stop being a an advantage, and must cost more in family benefits and family planning than what he is saving.

What I want to know is just how a 24-year-old is rich enough to do all of this? Money from the family line? Maybe. Probably.

But doesn't anyone around him feel the compassion to tell him to slow down… or maybe to actually find a woman.

Nowhere or at no time, I should point out, has Shigeta actually said he wants a wife or a mother for his kids… the paid surrogate would suffice… but aside from finances, there is hardly that emotional vested interest any mom would have in their child or children. I assume.

But what about Shigeta… has no one told him 'no'?

What political election does he have in mind to win?

How can hundreds of mini-shi's get him elected? Look at me! I'm so rich that I'm using my motherless children to get me elected!"

Well… I suppose stranger politicians have been elected into office.

As for the stunning police work done or not done by Interpol… Kukunashvili that fertility clinic owner says she sent faxes in both English and French to Interpol's headquarters in Lyon, France sometime in April 2013.

I would imagine that she would have kept those records, seeing as how she was trying to do the right thing and was dealing with Interpol…

Interpol hasn't said anything about why the claims weren't taken seriously at that time…

Anyhow… as for Shigeta… this guy might have provided the sperm to father these kids, but he sure ain't no dad.

Andrew Joseph

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