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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Simpsons Do Donkey Kong

As my workflow has increased at work without so much as a 'by your leave' or a please - having it forced down my throat as though 'tough sh!t someone now has to do it so hurry up, you are already late', I'm so pissed off I just want to chuck stuff and swear.

Fortunately (?), I have Homer Simpson to do that on my behalf.

Featuring a lovely parody of the original Donkey Kong video game from Japan's Nintendo, we have Simpsons Comics # 161 from a 2009 published by the fine and demented folks over at Bongo Comics who have been publishing the American comic book for 21 years straight - not including a 1991 one-shot.

In this cover, we have Homer as Donkey Kong chucking drums of nuclear waste, Lisa as the princess who needs rescuing - though she is reading Gorillas In The Mist and seems nonplussed about her father whom she once called a "baboon baboon baboon!", and a determined, mustache-less Bart Simpson leaping over the barrels/drums to get to the top...

... and this case, I have no idea why... it's not like Bart really wants to rescue Lisa... but who cares... it's a very witty cover bringing back many fond memories for myself back when I would hangout at the not so local arcades and, while using the old taped quarter on a string trick, would fish 99 credits - 98 of which would be free, as you had to let the taped coin be captured after maxing out the machine...

You'd think I would have been better at the game - but I would sell my credits to others at a discount making enough money to purchase comic books now worth more than my memories.

And yes, this comic is from my collection, as I used to collect every Simpsons comic book published until a few years ago.   

Still, my biggest thrill, such that it is, is knowing that my son will now sit still and read these comics... pretty good considering that three years ago he was unable to to read - something very distressing for a dad who also calls himself a writer. 

I, strangely enough, identify with Bart right now.
Andrew Joseph

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