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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Stupid Things Teachers Say To Japanese Students

I must admit to feeling lazy today.

Yesterday I went out and watched the new Guardians Of The Galaxy movie - awesome - and today, what with it being a day off, going out to see my mother-in-law in the hospital, raining, and me just feeling the urge to monkey around with my comic book collection - just check on the condition and value of some old books... I didn't feel like creating a blog today.

I found (I'm organized, so I know where every one of my 35,000 comic books are) my old Warlock comics that showed the High Evolutionary giving Adam Warlock a soul gem... one of those neat power stones of the Marvel Universe... cracked open and looked at a couple of first appearances in the Marvel Super-Heroes comic book, such as the first appearances of the Kree Captain Marvel (not the Shazam! dude now with DC Comics) and of course the Guardians Of The Galaxy. I also have first appearances of Thanos, DraxGamora and Rocket Raccoon, but sadly not Groot.

Hey... did anyone else notice that the blue woman - Nebula - was the awesome redhead from Doctor Who? You'll know who I mean if you are a Whoian. Or whatever you want to call yourselves. And Gamora is played by the woman who does Lt. Nyota Uhura in the Star Trek reboot. I had no idea, mostly because I like to be surprised when I see my movies...  

Great cast - great movie - Stan Lee is in it, of course! Man, can Stan the Man Lee act! Stan is pretty much the guy who conceived of most of the Marvel Universe.

Anyhow, there were plenty of great lines in the movie - especially if you are a fan of the comic book by Abnett & Lanning - the two guys who write the comic... which leads me to a blog entry in Rocket News, which is about some "amazing terrible things my teacher said" - tweets taken from kids tweeting about it in Japanese on Twitter.

Yes... that's the segue.

Click HERE to read the translated versions of those tweets, which will make you wonder how some people can claim to be teachers.

I think it's pertinent, seeing as how I had a guidance councilor in high school who told me not to even bother applying to any universities because "there's no way in Hell you'll ever get in." Those words exactly.

Granted I wasn't the best high school student as far as studying or getting good grades, but come on... don't even try?!

I applied anyway, was accepted to three universities and three colleges... used my university degree and college diploma to work as a journalist for one of the top newspapers in North America, and to get myself over to Japan to teach English - and 25 years later, we're here at this blog, where I make so much money... well... okay not that last part. But...

Basically, kiddies, sometimes teachers don't know sh!t.

Dream the dream and make it a reality.

Andrew Joseph

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