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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Story of Fuchida - The Man Who Lead The Attack On Pearl Harbor

Here's a comic book I purchased back in 1975 as a 10-year-old for $0.39 called simply: Attack!

I have no idea why I purchased it, suffice to say that I always enjoyed war comic books, and this one had a real cool rising sun image on it, and a cover that promised some incredible actions from Japanese airplane attacks to boats being in flames.

I probably flipped through it at the convenience/variety store and thought that my dad did not need all this change from the $10 bill he gave me to by the $0.40 loaf of bread.

More often than not, that was how a loaf of bread always seemed to cost my dad $10. To his credit, the grief he gave me afterwards was very mild. I have over 35,000 comic books nowadays.

Published by Spire Christian Comics I had no idea that it had a religious theme in it...

Spire Christian Comics actually put out a wide variety of Christian-based comic books, and utilized the services of Archie (of Riverdale fame), Tom Landry (of the Dallas Cowboys), and even Johnny Cash (of Johnny Cash fame). Regardless of the religious theme, they actually presented some pretty decent books, but did so where the religion fit in perfectly.

What is interesting is that the artist, Al Hartley, made the Japanese look Japanese and not look like something evil.

My only complaint is the error on Page 8 at the bottom panel, where our 'topic' stands in front of a statue of Admiral Togo that has the death date of 1934 on it. While the date is correct, it is obvious that our 'topic' was there in 1925 or 1926... after he declares that "Aircraft will win the next war."

This story - a true story, by the way - is about Japan's Fuchida Mitsuo (surname first)... the man who lead the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii back on December 7, 1941 - screaming out those famous words - or a version thereof: "Tora! Tora! Tora!"

Until now, I had no idea this was a real person or a real story... and yet I obviously knew this back in 1975.

Read his story here... and maybe this weekend I'll do a more indepth feature on him.

Andrew Joseph

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