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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

1900s Japanese Postcard

Yesterday's blog actually took me longer to write, than it did to solve the mystery. Read about that awesome journey HERE

I'm probably too proud of that accomplishment, but I had a good day on Tuesday and only swore four times at work and only almost-died once driving to and from work on the highway. So win-win.

Monday was also a day I was in contact with to authors - Mary Adams Urashima whom I mentioned in the aviation postcard mystery and who thanked me for the mention of her book Historic Wintersburg in Huntington Beach. They other is the author of a book I am reading - self-published... and I am trying to hook him up with some publisher friends of mine at Stone Bridge Press. So... I'm happy, but tired. I'll provide a book review in a couple of days of the self-published book. Hush-hush for now.

One day, someone is going to ask to publish a book of mine or will ask if they can work with me to create a movie on my life in Japan. I wish - LOL!

Anyhow... I was working on something based on yet another e-mail from Vince, but I am feeling a bit tired and don't think I can do it justice at this time.

Instead, allow me to offer up a cool 1900s postcard featuring some Japanese women in kimono - hand-tinted.

Are these women geisha? I don't think so. I think they are just in standard old-fashioned white-face make-up - but man! those are beautiful kimono!

If you feel this is a bit of a let-down after yesterday's blog, trust me... I agree.

Still, let me recharge my batteries, and we'll be off on something fun and interesting tomorrow after I come back from a work road trip early in the morn.

Andrew Joseph

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