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Friday, September 26, 2014

Nintendo Turns 125

Did you know that Nintendo turned 125-years-old on September 23, 2014?

To celebrate, I have found this adorable photo of Kelly Brook's cleavage, er, I mean of Kelly Brook holding her giant cupcakes... uh, screw it... I just wanted to show the photo. It has nothing to do with Nintendo, except that we can now all join in on the celebrations by staring long and hard... stupid Auto Correct, by looking at Kelly's photo and wishing we could have a piece... of that nice, round... dammit, this is harder than I thought... forget it, I just realized what I wrote.

See? Even I'm excited... for Nintendo.

Congratulations Nintendo! You don't look a day over 40! Kelly is 34. Her age, boy-chick.

Of course, it's not like Nintendo has been producing video games its entire existence, but it has always been involved in the gameing industry.

You can read a bit more of the company history HERE.

Old Nintendo headquarters nameplate in Kyoto before it went electric. Taken on May 1, 2006, by Eckhard Pecher.
Nintendo hopefully presented special gold coins to all of its employees to celebrate. Although, come to think of it, if they did, you'd be paying $300 or more for every video game cartridge (what year is this?) in an effort to make up any financial short-comings.

Andrew Joseph

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