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Friday, September 12, 2014

Rain Causes 1-Million People Displaced In Northern Japan

When the rain comes, we all run and hide our heads, but the massive rain fall in northern Japan is causing lots of flooding, landslides and has effectively displaced nearly 1-million people, as residents - especially in western Hokkaido - are being urged to use extreme caution.

On September 11, 2014, Local governments issued evacuation advisories to over 900,000 residents in 11 cities and towns.

So far, there has been one death—four relief workers in Sapporo-shi (Sapporo City), Hokkaido-ken (Hokkaido Prefecture) were hit by a vehicle while trying to repair a mud-damaged road.

One worker died, the others injured.

Along with road flooding, some roads collapsing, cancel flights at Hokkaido's New Chitose Airport, there are reports of strong winds in Miyagi-ken (Miyagi (prefecture) that have blown over two pre-fab facilities at the Japan Air Self-Defense Force Matsushima base.

The rains are expected to continue for a couple of days more.

You can see a video below (no sound) from Japanese broadcaster NHK.

Keep safe,
Andrew Joseph
PS: Photo above found on Wikipedia, and is rain falling on a roof in Grece - but what the hell, it looks Japanese, too. Photo by: Edal Anton Lefterov 

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