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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Welcome Black, Whopper!

Pardon my pun relating to 1970s American TV, but Burger King is back in black, with its Kuro Pearl (Black Pearl) burger and Kuro Diamond (Black Diamond) burger, starting September 19, 2014  - for a limited time until early November.

The black burgers were first offered by Burger King in 2012, and again in 2013 - both times a hit. Once bitten, not twice shy!

They certainly are visually striking to look at - and I admit that I would eat one.

It's not just some chemical black dye used to give the burger's their pleasantly grotesque color, but rather bamboo charcoal added to the cheese, and squid ink to the sauce.

The bamboo charcoal is also added to the bread, and it provides a nice charcoal smell… or is it a bamboo smell? Hopefully the former, because who needs all those Panda bears breaking down your doors trying to get a fix? Am I right?


The Kuro Pearl burger costs ¥480 (~ US$4.50), and has: black buns, black cheese, one meat patty (I assume it's meat), and black sauce which tastes just like real black.

Kuro Diamond burger from Burger King.

The fancier Kuro Diamond burger will set you back ¥690 (~US$6.50), and along with the ingredients above, will have tomato, lettuce and onions - unfortunately not black.

I had some black lettuce once, and I think I tripped out that I was talking to a hookah smoking caterpillar that was asking me question like he was Roger Daltry. Whoooo are you?!

You had to be there.

If in Japan, try it - and let me know how the burger is, and would you buy it real if it was a full-time menu option at Burger King.

For now, Burger King is hoping you'll bet on Black.

Andrew Joseph 
PS: Itadakimasu - which means (I humbly receive), is said before each meal in Japan by every one. And I mean everyone. 

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