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Saturday, October 4, 2014

A Snapshot Of Kindness

Every once in a while besides the nice chats I have with you readers in the comments section, I get a nice surprise.

You know... those times when I'm not being called a racist or being bombarded by SPAM... 

Granted I am surprised anybody reads anything I write - but still, the nice surprise involves receiving something in the mail.

My friends at Stone Bridge Press have sent me a few books - though nothing recently, ahem - for review, which I do with relish.

(What's funny, is that after I wrote this blog back on Thursday last, Stone Bridge Press asked if I wanted another book to review - psychic!!!)

Others send me a book to review with the hopes that I can help them get either get more books sold for them - I'll try - or help them get in touch with a real publisher... such was the case for one writer and the folks at Stone Press... but more on that in a later blog.

And others... others just make my day, week, month, whatever.

Case in point Vinnie... whom I have know for about two years now... maybe just under that.

While I have mentioned him in the past for his daring do's of good deeds, sending books to the tsunami-ravished areas of Japan so the kids can learn English (and get the heck out of there - kidding)...and I have also mentioned that he sent me 20 books - still reading them - on Japan for me to read, some to keep, some to return when we meet or when I can dig up the return postage.

And then there are the times when he just flat out surprises me.

A couple of weeks ago, Vinnie sent out a book to me... no fan fare, no anything... just a here you go, Andrew... and the book, while a complete revelation - which has given me plenty of subjects to write about (later), also contained a second surprise...

Remember that Great Japanese Aviation Postcard Mystery he challenged me to solve? No - WTF?! Read that HERE - a crowning and crowing triumph for myself, in my own opinion. Anyhow, that mystery involved him sending me to scans - front and back - of a cool Japanese postcard.

He sent me the postcard.

I had no idea that he had even bought it, but he did, and sent it my way.

So... thank-you Vinnie, Vince, Vincent and Vinny. It was truly a golden moment for myself when I first laid eyes on it.

I truly treasure it.

He Vinnie... did you know that two of stamps on it were worth $4,000? Each.

Andrew "Just Kidding" Joseph 
PS - that image above is a selfie - how effing hard is it to get a photo where I don't look fat or have a fake smile?!!? One out of two, anyhow...
It's also 11PM... and that shave is well on the way to be required... please don't tell me I need two a days!

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