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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Epic Japanese TV Prank

I suppose because I needed a good laugh after a weekend where I didn't feel like doing any talking and when I think I left the house once. Maybe... a friend on mine sent me the video below.

It's a Japanese TV show 'prank'... if that's what we should call it.

I laughed and laughed at the two versions.

Watch it first...

For me, the best parts are 1) watching the woman snort out the shaving cream or meringue from one of her plugged nostrils.

The other 2) was watching how the force of the attack took the man's hair into a whole new position.


Of course, it's only funny because I'm not them.

I would think it would suck to be them, though perhaps they got some money and some new clothes out of it - I mean... they would need to sign a waiver to allow their likeness (the film) to be broadcast on the TV show, right?

Andrew Joseph

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