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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Japanese Town Rebuffed For Blabbing About WWII Sins

Japan has always wanted to bury the truth regarding its negative actions and inaction's during those dark days of WWII and earlier if you are one of those southeast Asian countries Japan was being a prick with.

Here in a link to The New York Times is the story how how Japan literally buried the truth about some nasty business that went on in a small fishing village... and now - even in 2014 the residents of that particular village are coming under fire from some factions in Japan who call them traitors for bringing to light these 70 year old crimes...

Imagine... trying to do the right thing... and trying to erect a monument admitting one's own guilt and to honor the dead... and being lambasted as a traitor for it.

Granted... not everyone in Japan feels this way - and I doubt if even half the people think this way... but the problem remains that the one's who do feel anger at those causing Japan to look weak and blabbing state secrets have big mouths themselves.

Kettle. Pot. Pot. Kettle. Black.

It's a sad state of affairs when one gets chastised publicly for doing the right thing. It's wrong when the Mayor has to intervene and admit defeat in order to protect the town's economy.

It's wrong that the bullies get to win. Yeah, yeah... you Japanese are tired of being told that you must apologize for all the bad mojo you caused in a war that ENDED nearly 70 years ago. I get that.

But the problem is, is that is another crime you got away with and never apologized for.

What should the global community do? Accept a blanket apology for everything? Okay... then confess to the global community all of the evil that was wrought in the name of the Emperor - and then apologize with one blanket statement.

The global community might or might not accept that apology, but at least you can say you apologized for everything.

The problem is that after 70 years plus... memories of what was done and to whom it was done to have been dulled by age or voided by death of those who knew the secrets.

But when they are discovered, it doesn't excuse a country from getting off its ass and saying they are sorry for the actions of its citizens. What great hurt does that cause anyone who has confidence in themselves?

Ah... perhaps Japan has no confidence in itself and fights to project itself as a big, bad samurai with a sharp, pokey sword.

Shut your damn whining, Japan. Apologize when it has come to light you have screwed up and be grown-up enough to move on and ensure the sins of the father and grandfather do not rear its collective ugly head again.

While I suppose Japan notes wryly that very few people alive today played an active part in the evil crap - so why can't we just move past all of the fussin'-and-a-fightin'.

Perhaps because English translations of Japanese apologies always see to denote Japanese 'regret,' rather than a better word that might mean 'sorrow'. It's a far more powerful word. 

Aha... so what exactly am I talking about? You should read that New York Times article now!

Click HERE to read about how Japan seems to still have some difficulty in doing the right thing.

Andrew Joseph
PS: Image above was taken from The New York Times article written by Martin Fackler. The photograph is by Ko Sasaki for The New York Times.

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