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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Simpsons Do Japan - II

The Simpsons take on Japanese 'culture' yet again, this time during the October 19, 2014 episode - their so-called Halloween episode, the Treehouse of Horror XXV (25)... for those of you who still don't know your Roman Numerals - for shame!

I had meant to post this last weekend, but I got tied up - unfortunately just the busy kind. That's my shame.

The routine shows the Simpsons in various formats, including coming face-to-face with themselves as they originally appeared back in the 1980s on the Tracey Ullman Show - I love that show... but my favorite episode from that original run was Bart trying to catch a football thrown by his dad so the whole family could all go out for ice cream. Yeah... I was into the Simpsons before they had their own TV show.

Anyhow... on this more modern episode, the Simpson family also meets themselves in another format - this one all Japanese, with Maggie as Pikachu from Pokemon, Lisa as Mikasa from Attack on Titan, Bart as Naruto from Naruto, Homer as Zoro from One Piece, Marge as Matsumoto from Bleach, and even their pooch Santa’s Little Helper as Haku from Miyazaki Hayao's Spirited Away - which I give special mention to for C & S. 

I'll admit that I was initially reluctant to even post this story originally because while I recognized Bart and Maggie, I wasn't hep enough to know the others. And that's where Scoop came in. It's a weekly e-newsletter on the comic book, cartoon, anime industry... heck... anything related to collectibles... and one damn fine read... one of the few e-newsletters I read top to bottom.

That was my unabashed plug, true believers for Scoop, where the magic of comics come alive. Check'em out and sign up for an e-newsletter if you are so inclined: Tell Mr. Vaughn just who recommended the site. That would be ME.

Oh... by the by... these fine folks (Mr. Vaughn, actually) ... a few years ago... sent me a free comic book... it was an Uncle Scrooge free comic book day comic that was a special version put out by the Baltimore Ravens. I have team loyalty, too even though I know which team Mr. Vaughn likes best. I am talking about football. 

Anyhow, after the Japanese anime Simpsons version, they panned across other versions, including Adventure Time - love that show!!!, with Finn, Jake, Fionna, Ice King and Princess Bubblegum, then South Park (I used to love this show... then Chef left and so did I - yeah-yeah, you can suck on my chocolate salty balls - still one of my favorite songs... I bough the CD!), Archer (saw one episode and thought it was great, but it's usually on when I do my late-night writing), and Despicable Me - which I liked, but thought the second movie was over-rated. There was also a LEGO Simpsons family... and two others which I could not identify - but maybe you can!

I'm sure there will be more Japan mentions in the Simpsons - and maybe next time I'll try and mention things earlier.

You can see what you missed - BELOW:

Andrew Joseph

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