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Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Godzilla Project-ion

So. A guy walks into work one day and gets a present.

Nope… No punchline. No LOL.

Just a nice simple gift from my friend Julien who's heart is bigger than his wallet, unfortunately.

Julien - go have that heart looked at - an enlarged heart isn't good.

Anyhow, he presented me with a cool ballpoint projector pen featuring everyone's favorite kaiju (monster), Godzilla - the King Of The Monsters.

It's an officially licensed product, trademarked by both Toho Co., Ltd. and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., manufactured under the InkWorks brand for Trends International, LLC.

Yeah, baby! Five brands (including Godzilla - oh! Six brands... Gojira) and company names for one product! I get to go through stuff like that every single day in my work life - multiple times.

Despite Gojira (The true Japanese name of Godzilla)'s propensity for spewing hot radioactive fire, this black ink ballpoint pen is cool!

It not only writes (ink) well, but when I'm bored and just want to not think about brands to much, with a press of a button I can view the projection of Godzilla.

It's not really blurry - it's actually quite sharp! I just couldn't hold the pen, press the button and take a photo while pressing another button all at the same time. I couldn't focus enough to do more than one thing at a time.

The image shows Godzilla standing with twitching tail, turning his head to stare at me. There's a starring silver background, too.  The best part - for me, anyways, is that the projected image has, written in Katakana, the word Go-Ji-Ra.

The pen also has some nice artwork along the bottom gripping area - kind of comic book-like in green, blue, black and red.

Nice. Cheers, Julien!

A pen for a writer?! Something Japanese for a blog writer of Japan?! And a Godzilla toy for a Japanese monster movie fan?!

And it's not even my birthday... (-*sniff*-)

Andrew Joseph


  1. Your most welcome. Honestly in the 6 years I've been at work your the first friend I have made that I can talk to about multiple topics that we are both interested in and I do cherish that. So thank you.

    PS I think my heart is good.

    1. I agree about the heart - and you are welcome!!! Friend!!!!