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Monday, November 24, 2014

3D Fish Painting

Prepare to have your mind blown - like 'Ka-POW!!!!'

I pretty much spent the day writing a couple of articles for work, and to quote my friend Vincent who sent me this story, I certainly could use a cleansing of the palette - though I think he meant it because of the horrifying photo I posted yesterday.

Meet Fukahori Riusuke (surname first), a Japanese artist from Kanagawa-ken, Japan who creates, as the headline suggests, 3D Fish Painting.

Watch... and Ka-POW!!!

He paints the fish on the bottom of a bowl, adds resin and Ka-Pow!!! 

I've got a pair of goldfish now (Creamsicle and Licorice). They don't come when I call them, however.

I got my first when I was just three years old... it died when I was 17... growing from one-inch-long to over 10-inches... at least with the 3D Painted version I could have saved a fortune in goldfish food.

I also could have saved myself a lot of heartache when I had to give away the goldfish I had to the special education kids at Wakakusa Chu Gakko (Wakakusa Junior High School) in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken. I would expect they would be dead by now. The fish, that is.

With Fukahori, the fish live forever.   

Andrew Joseph 

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