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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cool Japanese White Van Kaido Racer

It can't be just me, but regardless of the fact that someone think the Japanese van pictured above is weird enough to be part of a 'Japan is weird' website - I think it's effing cool!

Obviously the person who thought it was weird has never seen a hot rod before.

The van is typically Japanese - white in color.

While it is slowly changing, one could pretty much look to a road anywhere in Japan and spot 95% of the vehicles as white.

I once asked a Japanese fellow who had a souped up car - jacked up rear, excessive dials inside and outside of the car, an under-body lighting system (back in 1990), and a chopped top with a powerful non-factory tuned engine: and he told me, while I sat in his white car with excessively large and loud speakers with a heavy base that made the high-pitched Japanese singer sound almost normal, that the Japanese believe the color white is a representation of 'purity', and the Japanese want to be 'pure'.

Sure. There's nothing wrong with looking pure in a hot rod.

Of course, the Japanese call these excessively altered body vehicles: Kaido… or Kaido Racer… which is cool enough seeing as how the Japanese word for 'road' is 'kaido', as in Tokaido, as an example.

So… a weird Japanese thing? Well… I've seen some Japanese kaido race cars - and yeah, they are effing weird-looking… but this one... this white van… it's like something out of Batman or maybe Metropolis (no, not Superman's city - the one in the 1927 movie!), with its dynamic sculpting. You know… like what the Chrysler Building looks like (my favorite building that LEGO needs to make a model of!).

Granted this white van is limited as to where it can travel. Unless those upper fins can be lowered, I'm thinking it might not make it under many a bridge.

It's also a wide vehicle, well, wide for those so-called goat paths that the Japanese call roads in rural Japan and in the inner city… but it looks cool enough to me to drive on the highways.

I bet it gets great mileage, too. Not.

One thing that isn't mentioned is just what the view is staring at the butt of the white van... does it resemble some sort of anime/manga character, or is it just a Japanese white van? 

I place the odds at 50:50 each way. It is Japan, after all.

Andrew Joseph

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