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Friday, November 7, 2014

11-Year-Old Japanese Hockey Phenom

I know... most people on the planet don't care about ice hockey, or as people in in Canada call it - hockey. The ice part is redundant - especially when there is already a qualifier in 'field hockey'.

Japan is hardly known for its hockey. It has a league that would not be considered one of the top flight ones in the world.

How bad is it? Even after being starved with a lack of hockey while in Japan for over one year - when I did spy a game on the television, it was sooooo bush league that I stopped watching after 10 minutes.

That doesn't mean it is like that now - 25 years later. I'm sure there are quite a few players from Japan who could play professionally in many a big league.

In fact... in a few years, maybe we'll be seeing the likes of Aito Iguchi (surname first) in the National Hockey League (North America's NHL). Right now, he plays for the Saitama Junior Warriors.

Only 11-years-old and from Saitama, Japan, Aito has some smooth skating skills, awesome dangles, and despite being the best player on the ice, he's not a hog and likes to pass the puck as much as shoot it. That's like Wayne Gretzky.

God, no... the kid's no Gretzky... but he still has some mad skill.

Check it out:

Andrew Joseph

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