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Monday, November 10, 2014

Japanese Exotic Cars - At Night

Have you ever wondered if something like The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift was close to reality?

I did. I had never seen car racers in Japan... of course... that doesn't mean they don't exist.

I needed proof.

Then I saw this video - sent my way by Emily - a co-worker and an automobile racing enthusiast.

No… she's not like you and I who like to sit on our ass and watch a car race on TV… no… Emily is an honest to gosh race-winning car driver who… well… sits on her ass… but at least does so while pushing her Porsche to the limit on professional race tracks.

If you are keen to do so, you can follow Emily Atkins via her Twitter account: @emilyatkins. No trolling or spamming, please. I like her... even though she has never taken me for spin in one of those really fast loaner cars she gets every week.

I suppose she is afraid people will talk. LOL.

The video is a professional-looking video shot by GoPro Original Productions on the somewhat elusive world of the automobile enthusiast in Japan, and their need for speed.

Here's the description:
As the sun goes down, Tokyo transforms to a wild and exotic playground for those who like to pour on the speed. As a method of expression, the custom vehicle scene thrives in Japan. You'll meet some truly unique characters and get to ride along in some of the most exotic vehicles you've ever seen. Lamborghini's, Hayabusa's, RWB Porsche's, and some Kaido racers (see photo above) make up a feast for the eyes on the streets of Tokyo at night.

You will have to click the link to see it, HERE.

Andrew Joseph
Photo above by Dino Dalle Carbonare

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