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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Junior High School Girls Riding A Japanese Train

I don't see anything wrong with this photo.

All Japanese junior high school girls look like this.

Well… maybe not the one wearing white stockings/panty hose.

That's a guy! Only a guy would be too lazy to shave his legs and go out in public wearing a junior high school girl costume.

Okay - kidding... there are many oddities abound in this photo. Let's begin...

Odd is the fact that there are so many girls from different schools sitting beside each other in the train—that would never happen.

Also, what is even more odd, is that there is no Japanese man attempting to molest any of the girls by rubbing themselves on them...

Does anyone else find it odd that some 70 years years after WWII when Japan seemed to hate the round-eyes of its enemies (I'm not talking about China or other Asian nations at this time)... but that anime (Japanese animation) and manga (Japanese comic books) almost all characters lack the Asian eyes and instead have the uber big eyes?

It's not to make themselves less Asian, though... it's to make the characters even cuter. It's that whole phenomenon of a baby having eyes too large for the size of its baby head... the head will eventually grow into those eyes... but then we become less cute...

Maybe the oddest thing about the whole photo, is that it's a relatively empty train. It's relatively as lonely as the last samurai in a country that loves its warlike past - though that fond remembrance is poignant only when it's not considered to be warlike - though this might just be a simple old gaijin minority report on Japanese selfawareness.

Having lived in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken for three years, in my honest opinion, the most bizarre aspect of the photo is the fact that the sun is shinning.

Whenever I traveled in Japan the sun never seemed to shine. In fact, whenever I traveled it seemed to rain - hence my affectionate (cursed) nickname given to me by the Japanese - Ame Otoko.

While just saying that name could also imply "Candy Man", pronounced exactly the same but using different written kanji (Chinese style pictograph lettering), Ame Otoko becomes "Rain Man"... yeah, definitely Rain Man. Yeah. Uh-oh-uh-oh.

When he pours, he reigns,
Andrew Joseph
PS: Congratulations if you saw the multiple Tom Cruise movie references in this blog. A couple went in easier that others... that's what she said.
PPS: I am unsure if the people in the above photo are into cosplay or not.

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