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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Noboko & Andrew: The Proposition

Wow... has it been over four months since I last presented a story about myself and Noboko? (see HERE)

Should you not want the recap, I had just spent a delicious evening with Noboko, she left my apartment in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken, Japan to go home and make her parental curfew (she was 26, I think, at that time).

I was sitting around waiting for that goodnight phone call from her... when I was called by Junko... one of the sexiest women I have ever met regardless of race... she was an ex of mine... and with over 20 years of experience in determining such things, I can say she had some mental illness issues.

She and I were in quite the sexual relationship - not sure love ever entered into the equation - with lots of the darker side of sex (S&M) coming to the forefront with me the eager pupil - because... well, as long as its consenting and no one gets hurt, what the heck? There still plenty of sticky, sweet release.

Hmmm... it's a small sample size, but three women I know who were into the harder, darker sexual stuff - they were all women with varying degrees of mental illness.

Of course, the other women I know who have mental illness - we never crossed that line - so take from it what you will.


Anyhow... Junko was just calling on me to apologize for her stalking et al... and of course, being a guy, and a rather stupid one (redundant), I instantly wondered if I could juggle Noboko and Junko. I know Junko could be convinced in an FFM threesome, but I'm pretty sure that if Noboko—who I am sure is still one hot looking woman—ever saw Junko there would be no way she would let me anywhere near her.

It was just a thought. But I thought it.

Besides... there was no way I was going to ever screw things up with Noboko. No way in hell. I would be as Canadian as it takes - apologize even when no apology was necessary.

The thing is... there was only one thing about Noboko I didn't like.

That was her inability to tell her parents she and I were a couple.

I understand her position - her dad can't look foolish having a slutty daughter, who MUST be a slut if she is dating a gaijin (foreigner). Yes, she was sleeping with me - but regardless... even if she wasn't... there is a Japanese idea out there that if your daughter is dating a gaijin, then they must be sleeping together out of wedlock. Shame... Shame!

I think every dad feels that way when they have a daughter - regardless of culture - but in Japan, having you date a gaijin can be a social stigma.

Of course... there are so many Japanese men who are cool about things and are just happy that their daughter is dating a nice man/woman... regardless of country of origin.

I think my pal Matthew can back me up on that one.

But Noboko... this was going to be difficult.  Her dad was the boss of all the junior high school principals in the northern part of Tochigi-ken... which I suppose is important if that's your position.

I am sure that if Noboko's dad knew exactly what she and I were up to, I would be a dead man. At least that's the impression Noboko gave me.

So... after Junko called to make me horny with the sound of her voice, Noboko called to wish me goodnight, apologizing for her tardiness because her father wanted to talk to her about something.

Let's skip ahead one whole day. It's 6:01PM and Noboko is back at my apartment and sitting atop me squishing her 98 -lbs (44.452-kg) of dynamite on top of my body.

She's tickling me - and I am or was pretty damn ticklish.... when she suddenly blurts out that her mother and father have invited me to have dinner at their house tomorrow.

It was there that I became more Japanese than ever, as I, for the first time ever, sucked air between my teeth with such ferocity that Noboko nearly blacked out from a lack of oxygen. 

So... now that we are all caught up and a little farther ahead, let's continue this tomorrow in a tale I call: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?    

Andrew Joseph

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