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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Shame Is The New Black

The photo above is shocking - maybe.

If you are an artist, especially one of those so-called avant-garde artists, your entire raison d'être is to shock the audience.

If that is the case, to me it's no longer about art and wanting to create from within, it's all about ego, and the need to screw with the viewer.

If that's art, I'll take pistachio. Hmm… in my head that sounded wittier rather than so old-fashioned.

MMM… pistachio.

So… is the concept of seeing a Japanese woman all bound up in a sheet unable to move turn you on?

Okay, I have to admit I think it moved just a little…

What is shocking to me is not the fact that there is a so-called art project where two male artists use a bound woman as a paintbrush to paint Japanese calligraphy with her hair dipped in black ink…


The shocking aspect is that there was a woman out there who thought that maybe "yes… this seems like a perfect way for me to earn some money to show my parents that all those years of taking jazz dance classes were worth it."

Or something like that.

I have no idea what the point of the following is, but... for Japanese calligraphy (書道, shodō), an artist will use India ink to create Chinese-based letters... it hardly sounds Japanese at all. I guess to make it Japanese, one needs to use Japanese as an artistic medium... in this case the artists are using a Japanese as a brush. She's a medium... or maybe a small...     

So… what could these artists be painting?

I think it could be this highly ironic word - 恥 (pronounced kaki), which is Japanese for shame.

How much do you think the human paint brush was paid to have a couple of 'ar-teests' place their sweaty little hands all over her body?

Yes… I do too think like this. Every guy is a perv. And, if they say they aren't, they are also a liar.

I'm not, obviously, because I would tell you if I was.

As for when this photo was taken and who the artists are - no clue. That's not the point. It IS an interesting photo, though, and a keen insight into the mind of an artist(s) and his tool.  

Somewhere painting myself into a corner,
Andrew Joseph  

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