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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Social Media - WTF

Proof positive that social media is a fickle whore can be found in a tale of two blogs.

My blog: Japan—It's A Wonderful Rife and one article in particular on the blog called Maia Does Japan.

I am NOT slagging Maia and her blog. I actually enjoy it.

I am not even questioning her postings. It's her blog - do as you will…

I am, however, questioning the collective intelligence of people who frequent the Internet - no… not you, dear reader. I love you. It's those other so-called people.

On November 16, 2014, Mai posted an animated gif file showing a steaming bowl of… nabe stew?

That same day I posted a story about the Japanese baseball All-Stars no-hitting the MLB counterparts.

My article had 109 total hits.

Mai's animated GIF has 104 LIKES - from people liking the damn animated gif… that just shows steam coming up off the bowl…

People were commenting on it and reflaging it… like seriously - WTF???!!!!

If you have a blog about food - sure… I can see why you MIGHT feel the need to reblog an animated gif of a steaming bowl of Japanese stew… whatever yanks your crank… Nowhere, by the way does Maia actually state what the food is supposed to be, whether she is eating something like this herself, or… hell… she wrote nothing… just posted a teaming pile of stew…

Now… if you are into anime… which is animation… I could see why you might express some interest in a steaming bowl of Japanese stew that is in 1-second animated gif file… no wait… no I can't.

The art is wonderful, but it's hardly earth-effing chattering. WTF people???!!!

What is wrong with the world when an innocuous posting of a bowl of effing Japanese stew gets 104 LIKES (and counting)… and say one I wrote a few days ago on the dangers of kerosene heaters has 35 hits… one listed as "interesting Japanese photo" has over 459 hits - posted five days ago.

Seriously… WTF??!!!

Perhaps I have a smarter reader who enjoys getting the full story on any given topic I write about.

Perhaps I also have a lot of people clicking on my my blog because they are looking for photos of Japanese Schoolgirl Prostitutes (HERE), with some 11,500+ hits and counting.

Or maybe it's guys looking for advice on How to Date Japanese Women (101,000+ hits and counting)… so at least here it's advice people must be looking for.

Maybe my advice sucked… but no one has said so… I do have 80 comments on that one - many, of course are my responses back to the commenters…

Hey - at least with some of my blogs, people are looking for porn or something substantial - advice or information o r even to be entertained…

Again… I'm not knocking Maia - though I wonder if posting a dumb one-second video file was her smart way of getting traffic, just as I smartly created headlines that horny internet surfers would find intriguing.

Mea culpa. But what about Maia culpa? It's okay, she doesn't need to respond - it wasn't asked with any malice or need to know…

As I said.. I'm just amazed at the traffic garnered for a stupid video flash file no longer than one-second… how can anyone look at that and think - oh yeah… that's awesome… I have to show it to more people.

How can anyone who looks at her post think this is worth sharing?

WTF is wrong with people?

It's a wonderful file to see… but I'm pretty sure I don't know anyone who wants or needs to have me forward it to them.

I don't care if only four people read a blog I wrote (okay, I do, actually) - and I'm not jealous of any success achieved by any other blog writer for any great or innocuous blog they might create - more power to you. I am envious, but not jealous.

But… it's when I see proof of the… what… stupidity?… immaturity, maybe, of the Internet audience… well… I truly fear for the continued forward momentum of the human race.

It was a one-second file showing an animated bowl of steaming Japanese stew.

How is THAT important?

Okay… it need not be important… but… how is that even remotely offing interesting to anyone with even an ounce of grey matter.


That is an a-ha moment as opposed to me moaning….. Aside from that a-ha moment, the rest of this article is how I moan in a blog.

Kanpai - go read this review on the book Sake Confidential (from Stone Bridge Press) and have a drink on me,
Andrew Joseph

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  1. The constant "I'm not knocking her (insert knocking here)" hypocrisy aside, there's so much "I'm great and people don't pay attention to me, they must be stupid" going on in this piece that it's almost painful.

    Chill out; this is the internet, where cat photos are as important as if not more important than actual news (or even your own inimitable prose, hard as that may be to believe).