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Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Empire Strikes Out In Japan

I know… you are looking at the photo above and going - WTF is the context for such a thing?

It's Japan. 'nuff said.

If you ant some play-by-play, let's just say the Protocol droid C-3PO has been called out watching a third strike whizz by far outside the legal definition of a strike zone as set out by the Galactic baseball senate council of 362236. It figures.

It is quite possible that the droid has a viable quibble with the umpire, so after originally being one of the good guys, has gone over to dark side, serving the Sith - otherwise known as the Yomiuri Giants (in Japan) or the New York Yankees (everywhere else).

What is interesting about the entire pitch sequence, however, is that C-3PO wanted to swing at each pitched thrown by Jed El Duque Skywalker… but the droid claims he was being mind-controlled… a preposterous excuse considering his computer brain can not be controlled.

Although not seen in this image, El Duque did gesture to C-3PO with his thumb and index finger in a near semi-circle, implying that the third strike was a close one.

Whatever the case, El Duque's fastball, which he calls the "Death Star" was simply too much for the first openly-gay baseball droid.

What?…  He's not gay?

You're kidding…

Really? I mean… what are the odds he wasn't gay?

What? Approximately 3,720 to one!

Never tell me the odds!

Anyhow… I am unsure exactly why this promotional event occurred at a Japanese baseball game… but I assume it has something to do with Star Wars.

Okay… d'uh… maybe it had something to do with the release of the DVD in Japan?

Or… maybe it was May 4th, and someone decided to do a tie-in… you know, May the 4th be with you… 

Ah… Stars Wars: The Fandom Menace.

Awesome photo, though…
Andrew Jar-Jar Joseph
PS: It's not a new photo... at least early 2011 or earlier... if anyone knows the exact context of this photo, please let me know. 

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