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Monday, December 15, 2014

Batman - Go Go Go

The year 2014 is the 75th anniversary of The Batman - my favorite superhero - in comic book form... though I freely admit that my favorite comic book character is Donald Duck, only partially because he doesn't wear pants.

The Batman... the tragic tale of young Bruce Wayne, who witnessed his parents gunned down in front of him, and who vowed to fight crime eventually using his family's fortune to help him become the scourge of criminals everywhere as The Batman.

What's not to love - here was a young boy filled with tragedy... who became a hero in a costume... not simply born on a planet under a Red sun, that when he comes to Earth and its yellow sun gives him super-human powers... not finding a magic lantern, not being doused with chemicals and a lightning bolt, not being injected with a super soldier formula, not being irradiated by gamma rays or cosmic rays, not finding a magic hammer, not being born a mutant, and not simply being a man in an iron suit.

No... is just a man with no special powers except those fighting and deducting skills he learn from others... just a man... something you and I could inspire to should we have had the inclination, billions of dollars for some cool gadgets, and a bat cave hidden under the family mansion.... at least we could be something special...

That's what I loved about The Batman. Yes... I add a capitalized The in front of his name.

My brother, Ben, went to the 2014 San Diego Comic Con (again) where he was once more part of a writer's panel, bringing back and giving me the convention's souvenir book.

In it was the image above, admirably rendered by Brian Miller of Surprise, Arizona, USA.

It reads "Batman Go Go Go" in Japanese Katakana and English... though I am hard-pressed to accurately determine what is written within the small yellow bat symbol in the bottom left hand corner, except for Batman written in blue.

The drawing features The Batman jumping out in front of the classic 1966 Batmobile from the old television show... and a childlike Robin in the inset.

I was scanning the image from the book and explaining to my wife that I was going to write about The Batman and also the funny way that Go Go Go is also the Japanese word for 5-5-5... which was a chain of Love Hotels... where a single man could take his woman for a bit of hanky-panky... in other words, a chance to go-go-go...

Then I focused on that image of Robin again... peering out from the Batmobile's trunk... and it hit me!

This wasn't JUST an homage to Japan and The Batman... no... this was something more....

It was an homage to Japanese manga and anime legend Speed Racer and his Mach 5 automobile (see images below!) Mach Go Go Go!

Yup... that image of Robin was an homage to Speed's little brother in the animated show peeking out from the car after hiding in it - a familiar theme from the show's animated credits!

Congratulations to DC Comics on the 75th anniversary of The Batman - long may he continue to fight crime - Go Go Go!

Andrew Joseph


  1. let me preface this by saying it's your blog. you can write what you want, how you want, when you want.

    it's been 6 years since you started this blog. yet, the stories from your past are not even at the 3 years mark. you've been rambling about how noboko turns you down for over a year now. maybe the memory is painful. but i didn't come here for relationship voyeurism. i find the interactions between you and the japanese just as, if not more, interesting.

    i think you're losing focus.

    your writing style makes the mundane readable and fun. the andoryu-experience is what got me reading. it's the differentiating factor. i can get current event snippets from anywhere on the internet.

    just an opinion.

    1. Thanks. I finished writing the next chapter of my life... it will appear on Wednesday at midnight.
      I'll write some more shortly... I'm sick and yet I'm on vacation as of Monday... bugger.

    2. By the way... the original focus of this blog was to do the 99 comedic visitations on the columns I wrote about Japan while I was in Japan - and then be done with it.
      I'm well 2500 blogs - most with a comedic take on Japan. I only began writing about MY life in Japan because I wasn't ready to give up on this blog.
      The Life aspects of it are not well read, which I suppose is fine... but then again, neither are any of the articles that don't relate to porn. Go figure.
      What I'm trying to say is, is that this blog, and myself, continues to evolve all the time... until I get bored with it. I never do anything that bores me.

    3. i hope you get better soon.

      i read everything up to about 3-4 years in. at that point, there was too much information.

      though i didn't comment on everything, i did like some of the blogs not related to the JET experience. sometimes, i can tell you put a lot of time into something and am tempted to just say that "yep, someone read this, just letting you know.". i figure it might seem insincere so i don't post it.