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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cosplay Alive And Well In Toronto

This past weekend, I spent Sunday with my younger brother Ben - the Emmy award-winning brother... apparently it's in his contract that if I am to hang out with him, I must always refer to him as such - down at the winter-edition of the Toronto Comic Con... a small show to be sure, but one filled with lots of great artists - many of them local - and artisans who did everything from metal worked helmets, to flashy light portal collars to needlepoint with nerdy messages and/or superheroic images on them, and even some folks who will photograph you and over the course of a week present a 3D printed plastic bust of you!

There were also some vendors selling some comic books - but not as many as you would assume at a show increasingly inaccurately called a comic con. But that's fine. Comics are still the all-encompassing main feature.

Along with getting to catch up with a former work colleague from Holman Design where I used to work over 15 years ago - hi Dean! - I saw plenty of Cosplay artists, who seemingly marched around in their costumes - mostly skimpy and short - for no other reason than to be seen.

Being my age - whatever the hell it is - I am apparently at that time in my life when I can no longer tell if what I am looking it is something I should be looking at... by that I mean I have no idea how old anyone is.

All I know is that not only did the girls in MY high school never have bodies like that, but they sure as hell would never have shown it off like that wearing some awesome costumes taken from Japanese manga (comic books) or anime (animated films).

As such... being sensitive about being the right kind of pervert, I did not take any photos of the girls/women or the guys.

But... I did at the very least want to tell them that I was impressed by the over all effort put into the Cosplay costumes even though I don't have an effing clue who you were dressed up to be.

I often wonder about that. Does everyone who loves Japanese anime and manga have that secret closet filled with clothing? I mean... there was even an exhibit at the con selling clothing of various sizes and styles - maybe mostly steam punk, which I get, but aside from some of the cool depictions of machinery, I don't quite understand the allure of. I mean, I get that it's cool, I just haven't seen a storyline that really grabs a hold of me.

Having said that... I am willing to take advice on how I should better familiarize myself with such anime or manga.

Hey... I'm one of those kids who used to get picked on for being a nerd... the same type of nerd YOU are, except you are either still considered weird but are not beat up for, or are considered cool for having known who Groot was before he appeared in the Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Hell... I knew... and have the comic book evidence to back it up, but it didn't stop them from giving me an ass whooping because it wasn't cool yet.

Anyhow, as Moe Berg once used to sing in his The Pursuit Of Happiness song I'm An Adult Now:
I can't even look at young girls anymore
People will think I'm some kind of pervert

Bravo Toronto and the rest of you Cosplayers for having the guts to be yourself or some other character.

Andrew Joseph
And... for the record... a few years back when I was hawking my own Evil Scientist Quarterly magazine down in Chicago at the Wizard World Convention, I dressed up as an evil scientist - which ain't quite the same as Japanese Cosplay, but it was as something from my own book. Which is either Cosplay, a nice marketing ploy, or a good way to pick up girls or none of the above.    



  1. Here's a trick that works like a charm and you can be that perv and not look so creepy doing it. Here's what I do. I take my son and dress him up. Girls just love it and thinks it's so cute that they must have a pic of him. Or I pimp him out and ask if I can take a pic of my son with them.