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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How To Fry Shrimp & Sell Hi-speed Telecommunications

Fresh from the sea of ideas that is Japan comes this novel television commercial from Japan's largest wireless carrier NTT Docomo, who in an effort to promote their new LTE (long-term evolution) high-speed network by showing its speed by flash-frying shrimp.

Now… it's not merely just cooking the shrimp that's cool, but also the fact that the shrimps are also coated in flour, egg, tempura breading and THEN flamed by some sort of Godzilla-like breath of fresh - and all in less than a couple of seconds. Maybe even less than a second.

Whatever. It's still faster than everything else you've ever seen… and that's the point.

What you are seeing is fast.

Watch how two Japanese 'food scientists' get their science geek on with a double-barreled pneumatic (air) canon that shoots shrimps to what we can only hope are a dinner-ready plate.

At least that's the implication.

At the end of the commercial, one woman asks her friend if the shrimps are oishii (delicious) - and while silent, that's where the commercial fails.

Since they obviously don't want to tell the viewers that eating shrimp cooked for a second is actually cooked and edible, one's silence is telling.

Still… we see the questioner stuffing her face with a shrimp… Delicious? Maybe. Maybe a hospital visit is waiting in the future.

As for anyone out there screaming about PETA and the cruelty of animals… the shrimp weren't alive when shot through the cannon. They were already dead prior to the shot - if they were even real shrimp!

You know that Japan makes some real life-like stuff to showcase in restaurant windows so dumbass gaijin (foreigners) like Marcel Marceau and myself who can't speak English can point to it and stuff our face with the real stuff.

And if they were, dammit, they were dead by the time their carapace hit the plate.

Whatever your passion… perhaps you will now want a new telecommunications carrier… or maybe take-out.

One of my favorite science geek shows is the program: Never Ever Ever Do This At Home.

Two guys that look look like the crazy science buggers from university who knew how to set up a still, construct a fully-functional hydroponics lab out of a couple of comic books and an old garbage can, set fire to a house in 12 different ways throughout the short TV season, shoot food via canons constructed with bubblegum and pantyhose - you know, impossible stuff, but somehow they do real science with real household materials that you and I wouldn't have a clue to do anything with other than make toast out of…

I'm just saying… I love this science geek disregard for safety stuff.

Anyhow - for the NTT Docomo commercial - I just love how they actually place the recipe out there for everyone - and noting that it feeds two people and has 502 calories.

Andrew Joseph
Thanks for the heads up, Julien!