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Monday, December 1, 2014

Japanese Newspaper Almost Had Guts

Japan’s biggest newspaper, the Yomiuri Shimbun, has apologized to its readers for using the term “sex slaves” and “other inappropriate expressions” to describe the women forced to work in Japanese military brothels during World War II.

The conservative paper instead used the more euphemistic term “comfort women” in its apology.

The move — which one analyst described as “astonishing” — comes amid a broader movement in Japan, led by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, to reassess Japan’s wartime history and cast it in a better light. It is certain to inflame already-rocky relations with South Korea and China, where most of the women came from.

This whole uproar from the Japanese regarding a Japanese newspapers decision to use the not incorrect phrase "sex slaves" just goes to show you that it's not how smart one is (Japan), it's how you apply it. D'uh.

Back in WWII, Japanese soldiers would use women from captured territories to be sex slaves for their 'hungry' soldiers out on leave from the rigors of war - I mean rigors of taking over other countries. 

I am pretty sure that since no money passed from the soldiers to the women, we can't say that these women were prostitutes.

No... they were forced to service Japanese military personnel. Against their will.

Yeah - Japan's military acted like a buncha dicks sometimes.

No one is saying Japan is a craphole now, or that the Japanese are a bunch of dicks now... except maybe those that have a take no prisoner attitude towards the crimes of its past.

At least pretend you are sorry.

I was proud of the Yomiuri newspaper for about a half-second for daring to go against the grain and not just call a spade a spade - they called it an effing shovel! Sex slaves. That's what those women were.

The fact that 70 years later Japan still gets its panties in a knot over this subject is disgraceful.

So too is the Yomiuri newspaper for actually apologizing for its choice of words.

To me, it sounds like the people apologizing and the people criticizing the "sex slave" term all need to grow a pair of testicles and shut the eff up.

We know that not every Japanese soldier participated in the rape of these women. Not even close to the majority of the men in the Japanese military did.

We know Japan has already provided an apology and compensation to the women affected by the military's sordid past.

You were guilty. You have apologized for it...

So why do people get upset when the topic is broached? And why get upset when someone uses an apt term to describe something?

Grow up, Japan.

It's part of your past - and not a pretty part of the past. We love ya, warts and all, but ya still have warts.

Every country has them. Just look at how Germany has confronted its past dabbling with Nazism. Full scale apology... no ducking around its past mistakes... and no one criticizes them anymore about it. They have museums showing the concentration camps - a full mea culpa... they don't celebrate the museums or the past - they just acknowledge it... and do their best to move on from it.

And... as for Japan's media... you almost had a set of balls. Almost...

Everyone involved needs to hang their head in shame. It was a war crime, Japan. A war crime. Criminals did the raping of these Sex Slaves.

The criminals and those associated with the criminals should get to call the shots.

Comfort women, my butt.

No kanpai for you!
Andrew Joseph 

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