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Sunday, March 22, 2015

1936 Kirin Beer Advertisement

Here's a cool advertisement for Kirin Lager beer, from a 1936 newspaper - Rafu Shimpo - a Japanese-language newspaper in Los Angeles, California.

I did not alter the image in any way, shape or form, except to straighten it and crop it to remove parts of the newspaper unnecessary to the article. The color is allllllll original.   

Started in 1903, Rafu Shimpo was dedicated to serving the Japanese-community of Los Angeles, many of whom had emigrated from San Francisco recently after suffering racist threats.

My, how times change... now San Francisco appears to be the tolerant home of the planet's largest gay and lesbian and transgender community.

As for the Kirin ad... interesting... at first I thought that it was advertising some weird Lemonade Beer from Kirin... but I think it is probably more likely suggesting that Kirin Lager is as refreshing as a glass of lemonade on a hot, sunny day - nicknaming it lemonade beer.

Of course, since I can't frickin' read Japanese, I could be waaaaaaaay off.    

I do like the catchphrase: "The choice of the multitude", though I imagine it probably lost something from the translation. 

Also very cool, is that the 1936 beer label looks exactly as it does in 2015.

Andrew Joseph 

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