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Monday, March 2, 2015

Noboko And Andrew: Good-bye Ruby Tuesday

It's a Queen-sized bed - an actual, for-real bed in a large three-bedroom, LDK apartment with a western toilet and two balconies  - real, good living with only one tatami-mat room (where the bed is sitting atop it), with western-style carpeting and furnishings everywhere else.

My alarm went off at the pre-arranged 7AM, and I was prepared to roll out of bed, when a nude Noboko reached over and grabbed me and pulled me back to bed.    

Yeah… so Noboko spent the night at my apartment.

She had done it over the Saturday/Sunday nights, telling her parents she was at a girlfriend's, but a Monday/Tuesday night?

No way in hell.

We both had to go to shower, dress and go to work.

Her spending the night was a screw you to her father trying to control her life, and was a screw Andrew in a physical and emotional way, telling me she chose me over her father.

We each called in to our respective schools/offices and then went back to my bedroom and spent the day there stopping only to refuel on ice-cream and orange juice.

Thank goodness I had air-conditioning.

When she left my apartment at 10PM that night and I was finally able to apply some ice onto my naughty bits which were sore from feeling just swell, I wondered about us.

I thought about where we should get married… Toronto or here in Ohtawara, or up in Kuroiso where her parents live?

No, wait… when should I go out and buy that engagement ring for her? How big? As big as her small hand can lift. How much? Ugh. But I've saved $8,000 from teaching extra classes at night these past four months… yes… I saved $8,000 in four months, which makes me wonder what the hell I had been doing with previous two-plus years.

I was giddy, from lack of blood flow to the brain— it wouldn't go down for some reason, and I'm pretty sure I was dryer than the Sahara—but now I had to figure out if I was going to live in Japan or Toronto with Noboko (I should ask her, right?), or what job I should have (no job for me in Toronto and my JET Programme contract was up in about five weeks) or if I was staying in Japan just how I was going to stay in Japan.

I needed new documentation, a new place to live, key money, a job, furniture… but whatever! I'm going to marry Noboko!

She actually chose ME over her Father!!!


I have should just stop writing two sentences earlier.

But… I don't want Noboko to be even a tiny bit unhappy. She shouldn't have to piss off her dad. i don't want him hating her and me. He can hate me, but not her.

I'm only 28-years-old, and the love of my life has chosen me over her father… over her job… and I'm worried that she shouldn't have.

What's wrong with me?

Why won't my wiener go down. Oh… there it goes. I just had to stop thinking happy thoughts.

Why do I always have to think about other people's feelings? Why can't I just be selfish and think only about myself?

Is the price of happiness worth my soul?

Andrew Joseph

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