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Friday, March 27, 2015

Turkey's Biggest Packaging Biz Joins Forces With Japan's Mitsui

Turkish firm Sarten Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has signed an agreement to join forces with Japan's Mitsui & Co., LTD.

"We aim to become the number one packaging company in our region. After the transfer of 15 percent shares of our company, which was previously owned 100 percent by our family, to Mitsui, we believe that we would obtain a competitive advantage in a wider region. In a world gradually developing and globalizing, we, as Sarten, are making this partnership in order to provide more quality, fast and affordable products. Mitsui will support Sarten’s swift growth with its Japanese vision,” explains Sarten chief executive officer Zeki Sarıbekir.

Sarten, third in European steel can production in Europe, has 13 plants in Turkey, one in Russia and one in Bulgaria.

Sarten management structure remains unchanged after the agreement. Founded 43 years ago by Yusuf Sarıbekir and his family, Sarten assumes the management of the company and will continue with the packaging production and sales operations as before.

According to the announcement made by Mitsui hea office, Mitsui has identified Turkey as a priority country in its new Medium Term Management Plan.

It also states in the announcement that “Equity participation in Sarten will enhance Mitsui’s efforts to benefit from the economic growth of Turkey.

"An upward trend in demand in packaging industry is expected in view of factors including population growth, lifestyle changes and the growing presence of women in the workforce. For these reasons, Sarten can be expected to achieve further growth and development in Turkey and surrounding countries" read the Mitsui announcement.

Following this equity investment in Sarten, Mitsui will create new business opportunities by helping Sarten to diversify its product range to meet the needs of customers in a wide range of industries and also introduce cutting-edge packaging technologies.

About Sarten
Established in 1972, Sarten is Turkey’s biggest integrated packaging manufacturer. It currently manufactures steel cans and plastic containers for foodstuffs and household goods, as well as a variety of uses, such as motor oil and chemical products. It supplies products to around 1,500 companies in Turkey and neighboring countries, such as those in the Middle East and North Africa and Russia. Company information cane be found at

About Mitsui & Co.
Mitsui & Co., Ltd. is one of the world's most diversified comprehensive trading, investment, and service companies. Headquartered in Tokyo, Mitsui maintains a global network of 142 offices in 66 countries, as well as about 420 subsidiaries and associated companies world wide. Company information is available at

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