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Sunday, January 10, 2016

You Can Erase The Past - Thanks Vshare

Have you ever felt so sick to your stomach that you just wanted to puke?

Friday night, I was trying to uninstall Vshare... a program one could link to download TV and movies via Movie Box.

It required me to download it onto my PC and link it up with my iphone. But it wouldn't work. It didn't work for a friend of mine either - and he knows his crap when it comes to his iphone.

So... I decided to uninstall what was on my PC.

And... it began to wipe out documents from my computer. As I watched in horror, I tried to shut off my computer in time...

I managed to do so... and restarted the computer... and while the photos and wife's stuff is all there... everything I ever wrote or had prepared to present in my blogs has been deleted.

I had recently copied over a bunch of stuff onto some huge memory sticks... but know... it was all of the wife's stuff and photos. Just none of my stuff.

Everything. Novellas, short stories, blogs for other blogs. Gone. Every single photo or image I had put on the computer - gone.

It's a good thing I kept the 20+ chapters of my book on Japan on my work computer... but all my aviation stuff... gone. Japan stuff... gone.

Apparently Vshare takes its name seriously.

Just a heads up for anyone trying to do the same.

Andrew Joseph


  1. Holy shit dude. That's crazy. Weird too because as I told I tried to do it to my neice's iPod and have the program on my computer the damn thing wouldn't work. Eveytime I had the program opened it would just freeze or not respond and I would just close it. I haven't tried removing the program but doesn't seem to be anything weird. Well not that I have noticed.

  2. holy crap! that's horrible -- I'm so so sorry to read that :(

    - A

  3. Bugger. Thanks for the heads up - vshare is going on the never install list.

  4. Bugger. Thanks for the heads up - vshare is going on the never install list.