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Monday, June 6, 2016

Every Frickin' Japanese Kit Kat Bar Ever - Updated February 3 2018

Kit Kat… have a nice light snack.

This article was last updated on February 3, 2018.

Let me just state that although many a website says that there are over 300 Japanese flavor of Kit Kat released since 2010, it's more like 300 SKU (stock-keeping units), with a flavor appearing in many different sized packages.

IF there are 300 flavors released in Japan, why doesn't anyone - Nestle Japan included, have a complete list? Because it's BS.

There are some 189+ flavors of Kit Kat that I have found... and I am sure more exist... but 300+? Prove it. Nestle Japan says there are over 200 flavors... but to me that's incorrect... I think it includes flavors and varieties... IE same flavor in different packaging and different sizes... that'll get you to over 300. How is an adult flavor different from a standard flavor? A different percentage of chocolate? Dark chocolate versus the sugary stuff - sure... those are different flavors, and I have noted them where I have found them... and I'm still at the 189+ range... mostly because reader Annabloem provided photos of five flavors I hadn't seen before! Thanks!

For those that think there are 300+ different flavors of Kit Kat in Japan... Nestle Japan should provide a list...

Until then... 

What I offer here, however, is the most comprehensive list - with images - of Japanese Kit Kat flavors... I've even included three packaging varieties for two FAKE flavors. Seafood & Sushi.

There's possibly a second fake sushi Kit Kat version out there as of last month... but despite descriptions of what it is really made of, until I see a package, I am wary of its veracity. (AJ - Feb 2017)

Kit Kat is (usually) a chocolate-covered wafer biscuit bar confection created by Rowntree's of York, England, and is now produced globally by Nestlé, which acquired Rowntree in 1988, though in the U.S., it is made, under license, by H.B. Reese Candy Company, a division of The Hershey Company.

To start... Nestle says KitKat (no space), but Nestle Japan says Kit Kat (with the space). But, there is no space added on the Kit Kat Japan wrappers. And the Japan website, when refering to the Confectionary store products calls them KIT KAT products - all CAPS with the space. Media consistency? Meh. Flavor. Superb.

In Canada, there are about four flavors... and apparently that is good enough for us 'safe', non-adventurous Canadians.

Japan... well... Japan is special.

Japan... spoiled as it is with all those wacky Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Fanta flavors, it also has to have all these weird and wonderful flavors that are only available to the Japanese and certain lucky gaijin.

Why is Kit Kat so popular in Japan that each prefecture now wants to adopt a flavor for their own, or that instead of rice crackers, bringing back omiyage (presents/gifts) from a trip or vacation is now perfectly acceptable and preferred if it is a Kit Kat chocolate.

Kit Kat.. when pronounced in Japanese becomes the bastardized English of "Kitto Katto"... but it is close enough to the Japanese phrase “kitto katsu” or “surely win”, that people send Kit Kat bars as a good luck gift to students about to take a University entrance exam.
You can mail this edible postcard to your friends before entrance exams!

It is, strangely enough, the country’s most popular candy... more so than any sort of Japanese confection.

Anyhow... Nestle Japan honors the Japanese by creating a different flavors - releasing many different varieties a year... for a limited time...

It's like the beloved soft drink Fanta, which has some 90 different Japanese flavors (except my favorite Cream Soda... read the list of Fanta flavors in Japan HERE.

So... 90 flavors of Fanta... how bad could a list of all the Kit Kat varieties be?

Anyhow, after several days of searching and compiling... here's about as complete a list as I can find... mindful that sometimes English translations of names have been altered by previous list compilers.

I looked at a lot of lists... usually those that say 15, 35 or 50 weird Kit Kat flavors... and to be honest, I don't find these flavors all that weird. I find them intriguing. 

So... if you think there's a Japanese Kit Kat flavor/variety that is not on this list, please let me know... and send me an image.

Let's begin with the Kit Kat varieties listed on the official Nestle Japan website, and then... then we'll look at all the other Japanese Kit Kat bars ever made. That I can find with photographic evidence.

There are different types of packaging shown: From the individual pack, to the secondary packaging holding the various Kit Kat minis, to gift boxes, souvenir boxes...

Also, I admit to snagging all of the images from the Internet. The General Kits Kats and those from the Chocolatory and those listed as available as souvenirs are all from Nestle Japan's website - which is available in English!

The rest... I've listed very few from their original location... the rest... don't be angry... but if you see your image, let me know which one(s) and I'll provide credit - hey... this is now the most complete listing of Kit Kat on the Internet.... so thanks to all of you who took the time and effort to snap a photo. Whoever said taking photos of food is stupid? Well... me, but not this time.

By the way... there are other flavor varieties listed on the Internet that purport to be Japanese, but without any hiragana or katakana on the package, I couldn't be sure it was Japanese, as opposed to Chinese, and left them off this list.

General KIT KAT products available in Japan:
  • Regular. According to INTAGE SRI research of the domestic chocolate market, this Nestlé KIT KAT Mini 14 pack held the number one position for estimated sales value from January to December, 2014.
  • Dark Chocolate - OTONA-NO-AMASA (Sweetness for adults): produced by kneading a rich cocoa fragrance into the chocolate dough, the black biscuit has a "Rich & Genuine" flavor.
  • Green Tea - OTONA-NO-AMASA (Sweetness for adults): produced by kneading "Uji Gyokuro Tea Leaves" into the Uji Matcha (green tea) flavored dough, a fragrant Uji Matcha aroma and taste is brought out.
  • Japanese Strawberry (Wa-Ichigo): The taste of sweet-and-sour crisp strawberry gently wrapped in white chocolate along with fragrant wafer.
  • Uji Green Tea: The wafers are covered in rich-tasting chocolate kneaded with strictly selected Uji Green Tea leaves.
  • Sakura Green Tea: Cream with a hint of cherry blossom sandwiched between fragrant wafer and covered in Uji Green Tea flavored chocolate.

  • Hokkaido melon with mascarpone cheese: Nestle calls it a quasi-chocolate confectionery sandwiching powder of Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese between sweet wafers and covered in mild white chocolate. It features a mild sweetness of Hokkaido melon and a fresh taste of mascarpone cheese.

Local Kit Kat Product Lists (By Prefecture)

  • Tochi-Otome Strawberry: A strawberry brand that came to life in Tochigi-ken, along with fragrant wafer, its sweet and pleasant flavor is gently wrapped in white chocolate.

  • Rum Raisin: Crushed cookies kneaded into a uniquely flavored rum raisin chocolate for a stylish finish.

  •  Banana: it's banana flavored Kit Kat sold in Tokyo, not a Tokyo banana-infused chocolate. They don't grow banana's in Tokyo. I think. This is a 2018 edition variety.

  • Strawberry Cheese Cake: Strawberry cream cheese sandwiched with fragrant wafer and completely wrapped in a cheese based white chocolate.

Chugoku - Shikoku
  • Kankitsu Ougon Blend (Perfect balance-Ctrus): Wrapped in white chocolate and blended with an exquisite selection of Unshu mikan (sweet orange), lemon, and citrus. Enjoy the refreshing taste of the perfect balance between sweet and sour.

Kanto - Hokuriku
  • Adzuki (Red bean) Sandwich: The staple meal of cafes in the Tokai region is Ogura Toast. With a hint of that flavor, this snack is filled with adzuki cream and sandwich with wafer before being wrapped in milk chocolate.

  • Kobe Pudding: The souvenir that represents Kobe, “Kobe Pudding,” features the mellow, rich, and fruity taste of Kobe Pudding with KIT KAT.

  • Itohkyuemon Uji Matcha (Green Tea): The matcha of Kyoto Uji’s long-established teahouse “Itohkyuemon” and “KIT KAT” have teamed up. Fragrant wafers are wrapped in Itohkyuemon’s carefully selected Uji Matcha kneaded chocolate. Enjoy the delicious and rich taste of the mellow matcha (Grean Tea) as it spreads throughout your mouth.
  • Itohkyuemon Roasted Tea: The roasted tea of Kyoto Uji’s long-established teahouse “Itohkyuemon” and “KIT KAT” have teamed up. Fragrant wafers are wrapped in Itohkyuemon’s carefully selected roasted tea kneaded chocolate. Enjoy the high quality fragrant taste and richness of roasted tea as it spreads throughout your mouth.

  • Amaou Strawberry: A strawberry brand that came to life in Fukuoka: “Amaou.” The rich flavor of Amaou strawberries gently wrapped in white chocolate with fragrant wafer.

Kyushu - Okinawa
  • Purple-sweet potato: “Purple Yams” are popular in Okinawa/Southern Kyushu and are known for their vivid color. This sweet takes that high quality taste and wraps it in white chocolate and fragrant wafer.

  • Green Tea of Kumamoto: Beloved by people of Kumamoto, “Green Tea of Kumamoto” collaborates with “KIT KAT”. Pleasant aroma of the finely selected “Green Tea of Kumamoto” is coated with bitter chocolate with rich flavor.

  • Shinshu Apple: Grown under the serene sky with pure Shinshu water: “Shinshu Apples.” The fresh flavors and sweetness of Shinshu apples are gently wrapped in milk chocolate with fragrant wafer. 
    Image from Toshu Cute
  •  Yahataya isogoro: a spicy, bitter chilli pepper 

Shizuoka & Kanto
  • Tamaruya Honten Wasabi (Japanese horseradish): Centered in Shizuoka, the wasabi of “Tamaruya Honten,” which is showered in unending love by all, has teamed up with “KIT KAT.” Enjoy the exquisite harmony of mellow, sweet white chocolate and carefully selected high quality wasabi.

Specials - Kanto:
Mt. Fuji

  • Strawberry Cheesecake: Strawberry cream cheese sandwiched with wafer and wrapped in a cheese based white chocolate. The packaging shaped like the world-heritage, Mt. Fuji, makes this the perfect souvenir.


  • Japanese Sake: The elegant taste of Sake, wrapped in the gentle sweetness of white chocolate. You can enjoy the mellow, full-bodied flavor, and a refreshing aftertaste of Sake. The inventive package shaped like Isshobin (a traditional 1.8 liter bottle) is fun, and is great for the souvenir from Japan. 
*This product is not an alcohol. 
*Alcohol content: 0.8%. Children and lightweight drinkers are kindly requested for refraining from consuming this product.

Other: Chocolatory Stores

Sublime branding

  • Sublime Bitter: 1 piece: An iconic flavor of the KIT KAT Chocolatory. Contains 66% cocoa-content couverture bitter chocolate that as been carefully selected by the patissier Takagi. Only 300 are sold every day. Gift Box available of a 10 pack, but only 5 sets are sold every day in each shop. 

  •  Sublime Ruby: 1 piece: featuring ruby chocolate, a new type of natural red/pink chocolate. I need to do more research on its presentation and ingredient make-up.

  • Sublime White: 1 piece: Contains couverture white chocolate that has been carefully selected by the patissier Takagi. Only 300 are sold every day.

  • Sublime Milk; 1 piece: An exquisite cocoa and mellow milk ensemble that utilizes couverture chocolate carefully selected by the patissier Takagi.
Chocolatory Limited Editions
Because each of the Chocolatory stores create their own flavors, there could be hundreds of these limited edition flavors - and unless they come packaged, I don't feel they live up to the spirit of a true Kit Kat bar. I even dislike these minis, and their odd packaging - but at least there's packaging.
  • Butter (Special) ... yes... butter. My arteries are hardening as I type this. - 2018 
  •  Gold - 2015 - limited to just 500 bars produced, the Kit Kat bar has a thin layer of 24-karat gold leaf surrounding the candy. And yes... you can eat it. It was retailing for about US$16 apiece, so you can see you are getting a tiny bit of gold. It's no different from sucking back a Goldschlager... ah yes... drinking gold flakes in a really crappy alcoholic drink. Smart people only have to do it once to realize they are literally throwing money down the toilet.

  •  Moleson - a Kit Kat topped with cranberries and almonds, all carefully placed atop by hand.
Chocolatory Gift Packs
This is a bare bones minimum to show what you can purchase at a Chocolatory. Because these boxes only seem to gather known flavors, I don't believe they are special enough for their own entry, but only do so to show you what you can get.

  • I ♡ FRUITS: 10 pieces (two each of five varieties): An indulgent creamy chocolate Kit Kat with the perfect blend of five authentic fruit flavors, the result is a classic selection of Kit Kat bars that can only come from the “Chocolatory.” Varieties are: Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Yuzu, and Passion Fruit.

  • KIT KAT Chocolatory Gift box: 24 pieces: Specially designed gift box filled with an assortment of various unique Kit Kat flavors, featuring Sublime Bitter x 4 pieces; Kit Kat Chocolatory Special Strawberry Maple x 5 pieces; Kit Kat Chocolatory Special Green tea &  Kinako x 5 pieces; Kit Kat Cholatory Special Butter x 5pieces; and Kit Kat Chocolatory Special Pistachio &  Raspberry x 5 pieces.

  • KIT KAT Chocolatory Gift box - mini: eight pieces: Specially designed gift box filled with an assortment of various unique it Kat flavors, featuring two pieces each of: Kit Kat Chocolatory Special Strawberry Maple; Kit Kat Chocolatory Special Green tea &  Kinak; Kit Kat Cholatory Special Butter; and Kit Kat Chocolatory Special Pistachio &  Raspberry.

  •  Valntine's Day 2018 - seven-piece assortment, containing Sublime Bitter, Milk, White, Matcha, Raw, and Ruby, will retail for ¥2,400.

Gift Boxes

Eastern Japan Gift Box

Eastern + Western Gift Box Combination (2018)
Five varieties apiece

Kit Kat Mail: Edible postcard
You can mail a Kit Kat to someone to wish them good luck!
Available at the Post Office in Japan

New Years Kit Kats
Available at the Post Office in Japan

2016 - Year Of The Monkey

2017 - Year Of The Rooster

2018 - Year Of The Dog

Alphabetical Listing Of 168 (or more) Kit Kat Varieties Produced For Japan

Almonds (Sweet) and Coffee

Anko  Green Tea

Anko & Matcha Tea

Annin Dofu (Almond Jelly)


Apple, Shinshu
Apple Pie

Apple Vinegar

Apricot Seed (Blossom)

Azuki Bean

 Azuki Bean Sandwich

Baked Butter Cookie - 2017 - are you kidding me?! Photo and Kit Kat found by Annabloem! Thanks!

Baked Ice Cream Chocolate -  (post 2016)

Baked Sweet Potato - 2016


Banana, Astronomy - (I just called it that.... there's all sorts of constellations on the package for this banana version. Perhaps it's a special give-away for a planetarium? I have no idea what it really is. A little help?)

Berry, Double

Berry, Triple

Bitter Almond
Bitter Chocolate

Black Sugar

Black Sugar Kinako  - kinako is a roasted soy bean flour.

Blueberry Cheesecake 

Blueberry Fromage (It looks the same as Blueberry Cheesecake - and it is - except this one has the fancy French name. La-de-da.)

Brandy & Orange

Brown Sugar Syrup

Soda - aka Ramune

Cacao 61%

Cacao 72%

Cafe Au Lait

Cafe Latte (2005) 

Cantaloupe (also see Melon) - this is a different package from the Melon... even though this says "Melon"

Cappuccino: Available in Japan, but not made for the Japanese market. Unless you can positively prove me wrong.

Caramel (also, see directly below for a non-striped chocolate version.)

Caramel, Halloween version (Notice the non-striping difference of the chocolate from the version directly above.) 

Caramel Pudding, Halloween version 2017
Caramel Macchiato

Caramel Macchiato McFlurry

Cheese - European cheese

 Cherry Blossom (Sakura)

Cherry Blossoms In The Snow (Yumi Zakura)

Cherry Blossom Flavored Green Tea 

Cherry Blossom Matchka


Chili Pepper, Hot Japanese (Yawatayaisogoro Ichimi)

Chocolate and Rose

Choco Banana

Chocolate Mint Ice Cream

Chocolate, Succulent Dark

Chocolate Yogurt  - 2016

Cinnamon Cookie (Shogoin Yatsuhashi)

Citrus Golden Blend (Kankitsu Ogon Blend)

The citrus flavor comes from orange, lemon and sudachi, a kind of Japanese lime which are found in the Chugoku/Shikoku region of Japan.

Citrus, Mixed Asian 

Coffee, Espresso (with White Chocolate)

Cola and Lemon Squash - actually two bars with one individual soda flavor per package.

Cookie Plus - 2009

Cookies and Cream - in case you are lactose intolerant of Milk? However... the image on the package implies that it is ice cream. So which is it... cream or ice cream? Nestle Japan... grrrr.

Cookies and Milk - in case you don't want the fat content of cream?

Cookies Plus (Whole Grain Cookie) (2008 and 2009)

Cookie, Whole Wheat (2009)

Cough Drop (2017) - contains 2.1% cough drop lozenge powder per stick. Packaging features former Japanese soccer player, manager and broadcaster Matsuki Yasutaro (surname first). Click HERE for full article.

 Cranberries & Almond

Creme Brulee (Baked Custard Pudding) - yes... you can bake it to get the full effect. It seems like a waste of energy to heat up an oven to do that... maybe if you had six of these bars...

Edamame (Crushed) Soybean

Everyday Luxury - 2016, a slightly scaled down version of the Moleson variety only available at a Chocolatory, it has almonds and cranberries applied as a topping. Unlike the Chocolatory version that has the toppings applied by hand, these toppings are applied by automation.

French Bretagne Milk

Fruit Parfait

Ginger - found by Annabloem - photo by Annabloem - Cheers!

Ginger Ale

Gold, Sublime
 -wrapped in gold leaf

Grape, Kyoho - only two Grape varieties... weird considering Grape is the favorite Fanta flavor in Japan

Grapes, Muscat of Alexandria

Green Tea
Image credit Michael Martin:

Green Tea, Matcha Milk

Green Tea, Ceremonial - from the Chocolatier Kit Kat shop.

Green Tea, Kumamon

Green Tea Matcha

Green Tea Matcha (2)
This one has a different package

Green Tea Matcha Sweet Potato Raspberry - 2017
This product's packaging looks identical to the regular Green Tea - OTONA-NO-AMASA (Sweetness for adults): produced by kneading "Uji Gyokuro Tea Leaves" into the Uji Matcha (green tea) flavored dough, a fragrant Uji Matcha aroma and taste is brought out, and yet the packaging has differences. The photos description claimed it was a green tea/sweet potato/raspberry mix. The visual evidence on the packaging does NOT show any sweet potato or raspberry, so I a unsure about this one. Maybe it SAYS so on the packaging, but I can not read it to verify... so fair warning.

Green Tea Matcha Tiramisu - 2009

Green Tea, strong - found by Annabloem - photo by Annabloem - thanks!

Green Tea, Uji Matcha - 2004 + 20XX - two different packages of the same variety. This variety of green tea starts with newly picked, shade-grown Gyokuro tea leaves. Thanks Matthew!


Hazelnut, Creamy (Gianduja) - 2008

Hazelnut, Feuillantine (same as Hazelnut, Premium)

Hazelnut, Premium (same as Hazelnut, Feuillantine)

Hokkaido Ogura

Honey, Black, (Eitaro Kuromitsu)

Hotcake (pancake), Rilakkuma (Rilakkuma - the "bear in relaxed mood" -  is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company San-X, created by former employee Aki Kondo.)

 i-Stick - frozen dark chocolate

Iyokan Citrus Fruit and Orange - 2017

Jasmine Tea

Kinako Ohagi - sweetened soybean flour

Kiwi Fruit - or as the Japanese write it, Kiwifruit.

Lemon Cheesecake - 2004

Lemon Vinegar - 2009


Mango Purin (Mango Pudding) - 2009

Maple (Syrup)

Maple Syrup, White (with milk) - 2005

Melon (Hokkaido) and Mascarpone Cheese

Melon, Hokkaido Yubari 

Melon, Yubari

Midnight Eagle White

Mikan (Japanese Mandarin) - three boxes in one pack - situated like a Russian nesting doll: with packaging including a N700 series bullet train, then Dr. Yellow, the test train (seeing it means a full day of good luck), and then the 0 series, the very first Shinkansen. Inside are four different Kit Kat packaging featuring: 

 Milk Coffee

Milk, White

Milk, Hokkaido White

Mint, Premium

Mixed Juice - 2009

Mont-Blanc, Gateau du - 2011

Orange - 2001

Orange, Blood - I'm AB negative ... not that that has anything to do with this delicious fruit.

Orange, Sour -2009 - I've tasted a real sour orange and spat it out because it's NOT supposed to be sour!

Pancake (see also Hotcake) - Easter edition
Maple syrup on pancakes taste of chocolate

Passion Fruit (2005)

Peach, White

Peach, White & Yellow - pack contains individual flavors of yellow peach and white peach... because who the hell needs to taste such a crazy flavor as mixed white and yellow peach?
Image credit Michael Martin:

Pear, Niigata Le Lectier

Plum (Ume) Soda

Potato, Baked

Potato, Grilled and Chocolate
Image copyright Michael Martin:
Pudding - an Easter 2017 release - image and Kit Kat found by Annabloem. Thank-you!

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Pumpkin Pudding

 Pun’kin, Baby

Purple Sweet Potato - 2013


Raspberry & Passion Fruit

Red Bean, Hokkaido

Red Bean Paste
Image credit Michael Martin:

Red Bean Soup

Red Pepper, Spicy

Royal Milk Tea

Rum Raisin 


Sake, Amazake

Sake, Sakura Nihonshu

Salt & Caramel

Salt, French Rock 

Seafood (1) - FAKE

Seafood (2) - FAKE

Soybean Flour, Strong

Soybean Milk Chocolate

Soybean Paste, Edamame

Soybean Powder

Soybean, Intense Roasted

Soy Sauce

Sports Drink
Strawberry & Nuts

Strawberry, Amaou

Strawberry, Bitter (2011)

 Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry, Framboise (No... not strawberry - but raspberry, as a faithful reader corrected me! Framboise is French for raspberry. D'oh!)

Strawberry Fromage (more French... this time for 'cheese')

Strawberry Hazelnut

Strawberry Milk -2003

Strawberry, Tochigi-ken (aka Tochiotome

Strawberry, Rilakkuma (Rilakkuma - the "bear in relaxed mood" -  is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company San-X, created by former employee Aki Kondo.)

Strawberry, Sparkling

Strawberry Wa-Ichigo (Japanese Strawberry)

Strawberry, Winter

Sushi (1) - FAKE

Sweet Corn

Sweet Potato, Candied

Sweet Potato, Roasted (Yaki Imo)

Tea, Hojicha Roasted


Toasted Soy Flour

Train Ticket: Regular flavor with a train ticket, issued in 2014 to support Sanriku Railway re-construction efforts. I only include it here, in case someone thinks it's a special flavor. It's not.

Universal Studios

Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Ice Cream

(Apple & Carrot - yes... I know what an apple is.) This contains apple and carrot, but also
grape, lemon, celery, green pepper, asparagus, Chinese cabbage, kale, and... tastes like apple, of course. Maybe they should have called it "produce", pronounced "pro-dews" because it has both vegetables and fruits. Then again, who the heck wants to eat this?

Wasabi (Tamaruya Honten) (2013)

Water Melon & Salt

White Chocolate
 - 2003

White Chocolate, Air In

White Chocolate Espresso (see Espresso

Wine -2008

Yoghurt, Aloe - 2005

Yoghurt, Iwaizumi - possible limited to Iwate - found by Annabloem. Photo by Annabloem - Thx!

Youth Citrus - 2017 - a white chocolate blended with three types of fruit (I believe it's orange, lemon and lime), sold to honor Japanese youth baseball - see HERE for the full story. Same product in four different boxes

Yuzu Kosho - a type of Japanese seasoning featuring a blend of citrus zest, garlic, chili, and salt...

Okay... I think that's it. 

Again, two things: 
1) If you see an image of yours here and you want credit - please tell me so nicely, and I'll hook you up with a link to whatever site of yours you wish.
2) If you know of a Japanese Kit Kat flavor not listed here and can provide an image as proof, please contact me and/or direct me to the right place.   

Anyhow... it's time for a break... have a Kit Kat, 
Andrew "I'm so tired" Joseph


  1. Thanks - I'm trying to lose weight. ;)

    I really want that Shinkansen set though.

    1. Ha! Me, too... writing about Japan always seems to make me hungry, though.

  2. framboise is french for raspberry, not strawberry ^^
    Also I have tried a few more flavours here
    Iwaizumi Yogurt flavour (pretty sure this is an Iwate limited) (, ginger flavour (, baked butter cookie (, pudding kitkat ( they also had strongly flavoured green tea (濃い)and lightly flavoured green tea (薄い) for a while, but I only tried and have pictures of the strong one. (
    They're all my own pictures ^^

    1. Hi - my apologies for not responding quickly. Thank-you very much for sending me the photo links and the information on the Kit Kats! I appreciate it very much. I hope the varieties were tasty!
      Annabloem... I have added your Kit Kats into the list with a nod to you and your pix.
      If you do try that different Green Tea or any others - please continue to pass the information my way! You are the best! :)
      Oh... and I renamed the Kit Kat from Strawberry to Raspberry. I obviously failed French in school.

  3. I've tried a few more flavours of kitkat! Unfortunately the light flavoured green tea disappeared from the shelves before I got my hands on them, but here are some others:
    Matcha double berry (
    Baked icecream ( < I wish I was kidding. Baked ice cream, who thought this was a good idea? It's not... It doesn't even taste good xD
    Marugoto matcha (
    The matcha double berry is one I definitely recommend, it's very good ^^