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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Older And More Virginal Japan

Holy crap - Japan is getting older and more virginal.

Yes, there's a reason for the images of sexy women in this blog. 

According to statistics compiled by Japan’s Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry—as of September 15, 2016—Japan’s elderly of 65-years-of-age and older climbed to a total of 27.3 per cent of the population.

Of all the women in Japan, it was found that 30.1 percent of them were 65-years-old and older.

That part is all cool—who can begrudge anyone for living longer?

The problem for Japan, is that while it’s population continues to be made up of older and older people, there is a decided shortage of flesh blood if you will… fewer children are being born every year.

Combine that with a damning influx of legal immigration, Japan is correct to assume that soon enough there will not be enough young adults in the workforce to do the jobs that need doing.

That means bad news for Japan’s economy.
It's not for her - it's for you, oh man. Before they learn better, some women will even cut your pancakes into bite-sized morsels for you... even pre-chewing it first so you don't have to wear out your molars. Really. This happens all the time in relationships. Of course it does. How would you know? Are you in a real relationship? 
Yes, you can hire more people from outside Japan to come and work in the country—but outside of the plethora of would-be English teachers, bartenders and hostess positions, not a heck of a lot of people from foreign nations can or want to work in Japan. The largest obstacle, is the language barrier.

While Japan remains the number topic within THIS blog, the world his hardly going out of its way to learn how to speak, read and write Japanese in order to go and work in the country.

And… and here’s the real rub… even if one does have those skills, and works well at a job there in Japan, how likely is it that Japan will even allow you to become a citizen of its country? Slim to non-existent.

Back to old people (and don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the virgin-thing, either).

Part of the reason for Japan’s declining population, is that marred couples aren’t having children as often as they once were.

The fertility rate in Japan is a scant 1.4 kids per couple (considering you tend to - but not exclusively - require two adults, that’s a negative population growth rate). The Government of Japan has indicated it wants to increase the fertility rate to 1.8 kids per couple by 2025… which is still a negative growth rate, but one has to start somewhere.

There’s rising costs to raise children, and now the fact that women in Japan want a career like their western counterparts.

Uh-oh… internationalizing the Japanese seems to have backfired. 

Rather than stay home and look after a rug rat after giving birth, Japanese women are actually going back to work. And because no one wants to screw up their job prospects by continuing to be a baby machine, Japanese women are reluctant to have a second child… which doesn’t mean no sex, but rather that no conception is more in line.
What?... nothing? I would do anything to not be lonely anymore. This poor woman can't even afford a pair of jeans that fit properly.
Now, Prime Minister Abe’s federal government has begun to offer tax incentives for married couples, as well as better child-care services - so there is that.

Back in the 1930s, the federal government of Canada (and the U.S.) used to provide bonus cash to families who would have large - extra large  - numbers of kids. I think that’s right. Yeah - the Great Depression of 1929 meant families couldn’t afford to have big families of kids.

Where’s that virginal thing?

Well…  while the married folks are at least giving the old ,college try and having at least one kid… a recent survey notes that of the 70 percent of single men, and 60 percent of the unmarried Japanese women… none are in a relationship. While that means a higher likelihood of no sex (I’m sure prostitution plays a part in alleviating the hang-ups for some men and women), there’s a more real problem.

That survey also revealed that of all single Japanese people, 42 percent of men and 44.2 percent of women admitted they were virgins.


I go a way for a few decades and the whole country goes in a sexual devolution?!

Are we not men? We are devo.
I have no beef with Stews... though I'd like to.
Look… I have no issues with being a virgin. I was one for nearly 26 years of my life.

i didn’t like it and would have given up my virginity for a fug in a heartbeat. My problem was that I was either too shy or I was ugly and women didn’t like me. Maybe a combination of both.

Then I became confident. I think people of the opposite sex can sense confidence. I went from zero to  37 in 36 months, with stops for a girlfriend of 12 months, and a fiancé for five months. And I wasn’t even trying to get lucky.

Apparently Japan has a National Institute of Population and Social Security Research that does this sort of research every five years…  

For whatever reason, Japanese people - men and women - are remaining chaste because there is a generational feeling of loneliness.

I can help! Someone get me a ticket to Japan, and an unlimited supply of orange juice and viagra stat!

It seems contradictory, but let’s not blame the virginity at the glory hold of the young Japanese men and women alone.

Apparently they WANT to have relationships - admittedly not all, but most - as there is an industry that caters to the lonely Japanese individual… so at least there is hope.

So what is stopping them?
Maybe suck back some Red Bull and do the work now so you can leave on time and hit the bar scene with people other than your co-workers. I work with them, but I don't need to spend every waking and un-waking hour with them.
The biggest excuse is work… too much of it, and little time to find a significant other…

But that’s horsehockey.

The Japanese have been overworking themselves for generations… working unpaid hours every night… and still, the Japanese need for companionship and sex didn’t dwindle to nothingness!

There was still a drive to have sex… a dream to get married… have kids, be the perfect Japanese brick in the wall of society.

Did we gaijin screw things up that badly? Most of us foreigners want that family crap as well. yes, it can be difficult to find, and even more difficult to maintain. But most people seem to like it.

But the Japanese… these seem to be caught between a rock and virtual hard place.

Thanks to being mixed up by us foreigners about what work should really be like, wanting to be Japanese and do all the long hours of work… a lack of real interpersonal skills thanks to a proliferation of video games (no, I’m not blaming everything on video games… I play video games… I played video games when they first came out… I never stopped playing video games… but after overcoming my shyness and or ugliness, I had no problems in talking to the opposite sex. heck, I once whipped it out and wagged it at a reigning Miss Nude Universe, and lived to tell about it.

Are the Japanese afraid to be set up on arranged dates/marriages because it seems so old-fashioned… is it because they want someone who understands them, as a person?
Just a simple, ordinary Japanese woman who gets me.
I’m a writer… wouldn’t it be grand if I could find a woman who understood me and like me and my writing? I assume they are out there. And they are out there for the Japanese, too.

You want someone to like you and your hobbies… are your hobbies that weird? Can’t you change? I haven’t collected comic books in a long time. It sucks, but you know what… you deal with it and move on.

What’s the matter guy, the women don’t like the same anime as you? Grow a pair and either learn to like hers or maybe the both of you can learn to like something else or perhaps you stop all together and find a new hobby you can share… like sex?

I’m sure prime Minster Abe would appreciate it if you could find some common ground to burrow in.

The point is… there’s nothing wrong with being a virgin. There’s nothing wrong is that is what you want to be. But if it is because of circumstances that can be altered safely and legally, then why not begin looking at ways the situation can be altered and resolved.

Ahhh… but I’m not here to give advice… I’m just here to tell you what’s up. I know what’s not up, too.

Andrew Joseph

PS: Japanese women... if the Government will not foot the bill for me to do my part for the country, please keep in mind that there many Japanese men out there looking for love. If you are looking for love too, stop looking in all the wrong places. I am sure there are singles websites out there not filled with guys and gals involved in loveless marriages. And... if there aren't... talk to me and we'll create one together.

PPS: I have slept with or at least seen Japanese women who looked like the women in the photos above.


  1. I say we start up a signing sheet and gather a shit ton of volunteers to do to Japan and help repopulate the country. We will call it "Project Reberth". Sounds like a comic book thing. Wait!!!! I got it. They should advertise Japan as the new hip place for Spring Break. That will get some babies. Or you know what F-it it's Japan; They could start just clonening people. I think there's just too many outlets in Japan for people to get their rocks off by themselves. Like why be In a relationship if I can just go on a game show that jerks me off until I cum from a hot Japanese girl while I try to sing a song. Or all of them sex robots and VR games.

    An honest idea might be to implement a pilot project that would allow young people to be able to go to Japan easily and hassle free as a discover yourself with Japan travel destination thing. That could be the slogan "Discover yourself with Japan".

    1. Hey Julien,
      I agree - there do appear to be too many distractions for the young... or they are easily distracted.
      Since the Japanese seem to take great offense when they appear to be anything less than Japanese, the gov't needs to hit them where it hurts.
      Make them seem less Japanese if they aren't doing their part in getting married, having kids - things which are going to be needed in keeping the country afloat in a few decades.
      Your point about bringing young people over hassle free is valid, but they would still need to know how to speak the language. It's not easy.
      But... what's in it for the visitors. If someone said to you, hey, Julien... you can come and live in Canada but you can never, ever, become a citizen, you might think twice about going. Now Japan doesn't say that, but it might as well say it. It is next to impossible for foreigners to become Japanese citizens... and while I see the pros in Japan's way of doing things, it also hurts them, as we are seeing now... with little to no immigration and a negative population growth.

  2. This is so funny! But sad.

    I can't decide whether I'm amused or appalled. Amused because I have trouble imagining a person, male or female, choosing to remain a virgin (unless they have some higher, noble cause e.g., ascetics). Appalled because there is a mismatch of ideals and reality in this new generation -- and this is not limited to Japan.

    There is some link to the proliferation of technology and porn that makes it easy to get off to your liking without involving a real human being (I keep hearing, "Ain't nothing like the real thing, baby" going through my head, but that's just me).

    Somehow I think it comes back to expectations again. There is so much information at our fingertips of what we SHOULD be doing that it's easier to take no action at all for fear of making the wrong decision. An analysis paralysis of relationships leading to ... extinction. Maybe the next humanoid species will get it right.

    1. You would think that looking at porn would make you want to be with a real person. Not immediately afterwards, because by then you are tired and the urge leaves. But is the love of self that overpowering? Is it laziness and egomania? Is it fear of rejection? Don't most people have that?
      Next humanoid species?
      It won't be the squirrels. I saw one squirrel dead - run over at a crosswalk. It tried to cross at a crosswalk and still was killed. I guess it should have pressed the crosswalk button to safely cross.

  3. Well actually there is that peice of sweet technology that is small ear peice that translates a number of language into your language in real time. So that can help. If it's really that bad they could start letting people in one way or another and they could Impliment an integration package that would include classes to learn the language and learn the culture and mannerism and stuff like that. It would cost a lot but just tossing some ideas. I mean it is up to us to save Japan. Somehow that's what it feels like.

    1. It DOES feel like its up to everyone else to save Japan since they seem to be too lethargic to do it themselves.
      I could use a Universal Translator.