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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Art’s Tasty Shoes

Would you pay ¥27,000 for a pair of shoes? That’s US$240.

It’s not all that much for a really nice pair of men’s shoes… I mean, I wouldn’t do it, but then again, I’m not in the position to need a pair of shoes that expensive.

But… what if you couldn’t wear these shoes? What if they only came in size 26cm (10.2 inches)? That’s too small for my feet! My feet are a foot long (12 inches/30 cm).

What is they only made nine pairs? Would you still want them?

What if they aren’t really shoes after all… and were actually art shoes made out of chocolate? Would you want it then?

I’m pretty sure a few people might indulge in a bit of foot fetish for a chance to lick these shoes… but really… it’s art with a sole.

Manufactured at the Chocolat Boutique Lecra chocolate-specialty shop within the Rihga Royal Hotel in Osaka-shi (Osaka City), these shoes actually have subtle chocolate color differences, and really mimic well the appearance of high-grade leather.

The artist master chocolatier Okai Motohiro (surname first) has created three colors of chocolate shoes: light brown, dark brown, and red-brown—with a total of nine pairs of shoes… so I assume three pairs of each color.

Master chocolatier Okai Motohiro
 Okai not only makes the shoes from chocolate, but also the insoles and the laces.

Lucky owners of these shoes will not only get the shoes, but will also get some shoe accessories, such as a chocolate shoehorn made by Okai, as well as a jar of shoe cream/polish that holds disks of light tempered chocolate.

Now… this not for fashion, rather just for art, because I don’t know if you’ve ever got chocolate on your clothes, but it looks a damn right mess. You certainly don’t want to accidentally sit on your shoes. Yes, you could always eat it, but the stain…

Let’s say I was rich, and I bought a pair of chocolate shoes… the red-brown ones… how do I store it? Does it need to be kept in a chilly room?

This is a great question… how do I stop my art from melting?

News sources say that orders for these shoes - part of the Gentleman’s Radiance line, are being accepted from January 20-February 7, 2017… with deliveries in time for Valentine’s Day.

Apparently that means that women need to buy these chocolate shoes for their man…

As you all hopefully recall because you have read every single blog I have ever written, in Japan, Valentine’s Day is the day (February 14) when men sit back and receive gifts of love and adoration from women.

Only after the men get to see who really likes them do they purchase a reciprocal gift for the woman/women - on March 14, a day Japan calls “White Day”.
It sure won't taste like shoe leather! In the back, you can see the shoe polish and shoehorn also made of chocolate.
Considering that women in Japan don’t usually come close to making the same pay as their male counterparts for the same job… and that women in Japan rarely seem to have positions of high power and financial remuneration, let’s just say that any woman who buys these chocolate shoe art pieces for a prospective mate must really, really, really like the guy.

As such… even if you know that she spent ¥27,000 or rather ¥29,160 (US 259) - which is the price including consumption tax… though why one would have to pay consumption tax on something you aren’t going to consume is beyond me…

It is my belief that is she spent that much on you… and you’ve had a month to mull things over after Valentine’s Day… you better get off your butt and buy her something a whole lot more expensive and shiny that what she spent on you.

Somewhere with big feet and big dreams,
Andrew Joseph

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