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Friday, November 11, 2016

Glass, Ice and Rice

So - just how interesting was this past Tuesday for Andrew?

It was his birthday.

Sure, there was that rigged U.S. election that Donald Trump was spouting about earlier.

My beloved Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team was spanked—and not in a good way—7-0 by the Los Angeles Kings… fact made worse that when I was kid there was never a home hockey game on my birthday as the Ice Capades were always in town.

I went out at lunchtime and bought myself some Chinese food to treat myself. There was no fortune cookie at this place, and that's the norm.

I went home and—surprise, my wife had ordered Chinese food to treat me.

My evening fortune cookie was empty. Ominous.

An empty fortune cookie? That can’t be good.

So... I took the leftover evening Chinese food that came with my fortune-less meal to eat for lunch at work on Wednesday (so, technically not about Tuesday)… and while chowing down found a nice piece of glass in my mouth. See image above for the infamous glass chunk.

Didn’t cut me, let alone kill me.... so screw you Chinese fortune cookie!

Anyhow, this appears to be the opening salvo of the fates versus Andrew Joseph.

If at anytime over the main course of the next 360+ days until I get another Chinese meal on my birthday… that you notice that I haven’t published my daily a Japan—It’s A Wonderful Rife blog… well… thanks for reading... and avenge me.

Come on November 8, 2017,
Andrew Joseph
Conversely, since the glass didn't even cut me - and the fact that I found it, maybe this will be my lucky year. Right.