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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Japanese Girl J-Pop Group Goes Nazi

Every year - despite the warnings of the media and myself - some people just don’t put the right amount of thought into their Halloween costumes and end up embarrassing themselves, their parents, their school, their fan base or even their country.

Despite my warnings, some people in the U.S. university scene put on blackface make-up and went as disgraced womanizer Bill Cosby.

Others, such as cutey-pie Japanese girl band Keyakizaka46—a spin-off of the uber popular J-pop girl group AKB48 J-pop stable formed by Akimoto Yasushi.

By the way… when someone forms a music group by putting out a casting call, such as was done by Akimoto to create AKB48, or the Sex Pistols or even the Monkees—despite their appeal and success, it seems less legit, owing to the fact that they already had a record exec do the tough part of creating their image.

Anyhow… in the case of Keyakizaka46, someone didn’t think the whole image thing through properly, and gave the girls some very risque outfits to wear during a performance in Yokohama.

What’s the big deal: too much T&A? Leather and lace? Use of sex toys built into the outfits?

Believe it or not, all would have been better, in my opinion, than what they were given to wear during a Halloween concert: outfits based on World War II officer uniforms worn by the Waffen-SS.

The Waffen-SS were the armed wing of the Nazi Party's Schutzstaffel.

It really is the military-style cap that makes or breaks the whole nazi costume. No caps, the costumes are okay, and no one would have blinked an eye, more than likely. I'm assuming the girls weren't wearing jackboots. Too tough to dance in. 
People… the Nazi party? Japan’s partners in the Axis of Evil during WWII where Japan went psycho crazy and tried to dominate and humiliate Asia, while German tried to do the same in Europe?

Look… I get it that the Nazi regime was terrifying, but at this point in time in history, there are still plenty of people still alive who had their lives turned upside down by the atrocities committed by Nazi’s, as well as through its Waffen-SS.
I can probably guess correctly that the Keyakizaka46 girl group had no idea that the costumes they were wearing were in any way offensive, but ignorance is no excuse, even if the real blame should go to the idiots who designed the costumes for them to wear, and even to management for not protecting the girls better.

Publicity photos showed Keyakizaka46 members (who are all aged between 15 to 21) wearing peaked caps featuring a bird insignia that resembles the Parteiadler eagle emblem of the Nazis.

Here’s some more good news, by which I mean something sarcastic:

Akimoto, the band’s producer and lyricist, will help produce the opening ceremony for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

He posted an apology on the band’s website, saying he was sorry “for failing to oversee matters as the producer.”

Keyakizaka46’s label, Sony, also issued an apology: “We express our heartfelt apology for causing offence ... because of our lack of understanding. We take the incident seriously and will make efforts to prevent a recurrence of a similar incident in the future.”

Will Sony learn from this mistake? It seems doubtful considering they had a similar incident in 2015 when boy-band Kishidan appeared on MTV (who also later apologized) wearing Nazi-style uniforms.

Still, from the photo above, you have to admit that Keyakizaka46 are probably the cutest damn Waffen-SS nazi’s ever - especially doing their best Benny Hill salute. I know, I know… too soon. Always too soon.

Ach du lieber Gott!
Andrew Joseph


  1. Damn. Another image consultant to accidentally run over on a dark night. ;)

    1. Sad but true.
      I can't really blame a bunch of young women in a music group for this. They have spent most of their short life honing their craft, and not everyone knows their nazi history.
      To be fair, even if they had studied WWII in school, would there have been Nazi Waffen-SS uniforms for them to have viewed? Maybe... but maybe not. Odds are good it wouldn't have left a big mark on them... unlike the poor Jews and others hunted during the Nazi genocide.